Team of the Season Predictions: La Liga

It’s La Liga TOTS time!

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It’s La Liga TOTS time!

One of the most exciting TOTS this year, because variety gonna be much bigger than in the last few years!

I hope you enjoy last few my articles, as I’m trying really hard to improve my skills.

So, this year in La Liga is gonna be different due to Real not performing that well. Yeah, we’ll still get few great TOTS from Real Madrid, but not that much as last few years.

So let’s start?

As always, I’m starting with Goalkeepers.

1st one is really obvious choice. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen. One of the most improved Goalkeepers in the last 2 years. After a rough start he begin to perform amazingly for Barcelona and really carrying some games. Clearly he’ll get a TOTS and it’s gonna be really good one

2nd choice is Jan Oblak. Best defensive record in the league. It’s all part of Simeone’s system, but Oblak is amazing goalkeeper. Linked to many clubs, he still performs from game to game and saving Atletico on many different occasions.

Only 2 Goalkeepers in this TOTS, as we move on to defenders.

Jordi Alba is the best left back in the league. This season he and Messi created one of the best partnerships in the world. 2 goals and 8 assists from Left back position is an amazing record. Gonna be one of the best TOTS in the game, surely.

Samuel Umtiti and Gerard Pique other players from Barcelona. Yes, I think both of them will get it, and yes- you can argue about Pique, but in my opinion, both of them deserve it.

Especially Umtiti- he became one of the best centre-backs in the world. If he’s not injured.

Sergi Roberto is 5th player from Barcelona already. And the most questionable one. He can possibly get TOTS, just because there’s no competition on the right side of the league because another choice of Right-back position is Mario Gaspar or Pablo Maffeo. Both of them can get it. It’s just really hard because this position is really week in La Liga.

Sergio Ramos will probably get another TOTS. Yes, even with a weak season of Real Madrid- Ramos performs great. It’s a strange one. He still scored 3 goals this season. Yes, not as great as last one, but still.

And again: Diego Godin. Or Jose Jimenez. One of the 2 Uruguayan CBs of Atletico will get it. I’m more tempted to place Godin, because Jimenez played less amount of games.

Really poor choice of defenders this season. I’m sorry if my choices disappoint you, but you can always talk to me on Twitter and I’ll accept your reasons.

Now. Interesting part. Midfielders.

Dani Parejo and Kondogbia from Valencia. Both performed exceptionally well this season. Parejo currently on 6+6 from CM position, but he does much more, than scoring goals and giving assists.

Kondogbia on 4+4 currently. But how he transformed his game this season is just amazing to see. In Inter he was really average, but after transfer to Valencia we finally saw, why Inter payed a lot of money to Monaco in the first place.

Toni Kroos and Casemiro. Probably the best performing players from Real Madrid apart from Real Madrid.

Kross is the best midfielder in the world and I’m still salty that community didn’t pick him in TOTS just because his pace isn’t that great. 4+6, controlling matches on his own, playing every game on the amazing level.

Casemiro is another player in Real Madrid who performed even in the bad periods of the season. Scoring 4 goals, assisting 3 times from midfield is just great. So overall I think it’s a totally deserved TOTS.

Back to Barcelona! Paulinho is a clear choice for TOTS. Scoring 8 goals, assisting 2 times. Performing above any expectation. He sometimes come on as a substitute, just because he played for a full year without a break.

Sergio Busquets. He deserves TOTS, he deserves better card, he deserves it all. Best CDM in the world, controlling games on his own, playing every season better and better. And this season probably his best one yet.

Saul is having a wonderful season for Atletico. Probably one of the best La Liga players this season. He scored 2 goals and assisted 3 times, but that’s not the case. He plays amazingly well from game to game.

Asier Illaramendi is my choice for another solid midfielder. Every season he performs better and better and this season he already scored 7 goals, registered 4 assists and overall got a praise from many coaches. Can be 24th DKT Player.

Now,wingers time!

Only 4 wingers this time, as we have a lot of Strikers for our choice.

Sisto and Iago Aspas. Both players from Celta. Both performing amazingly well.

Aspas playing RF scored 16 goals and registered 5 assists. You can name him as a Striker, but he’s mostly a winger.

Sisto having an amazing breakthrough season for Celta. 4 goals and 9 assists on the other Celta wing. In my opinion he deserves a mention in this TOTS.

Goncalo Guedes. Amazing season in Valencia. He’s currently on loan from PSG, but I hope Valencia buys him. He’s soo god. 4 goals, 7 assists and just amazing dribbling, speed and everything in him. Future star if he continues to play like this.

The last one is a wild pick: Mikel Oyarzabal. He performs really great as a youngster in great Sociedad side. Currently at 7+5 , but don’t expect him to be in TOTS, maybe as DKT player has a chance.

Now, where the fun begins: Strikers.

4 undoubtedly best choice. All of the will be Strikers, can you imagine that?

Lionel Messi: 27 games, 25 goals and 12 assists. What you can say more? 99 TOTS at Striker, because Barcelona playing 4-4-2 most of the time
Luis Suarez: 25 games, 21 goals and 6 assists. Amazing season for Suarez after a rough start. He improved his game and found motivation to play at amazing level again.
Cristiano Ronaldo: 23 games, 22 goals and 5 assists. One of the worst starts to his season ever. But he promised everyone to be a top scorer in La Liga by the end of the season. And he transformed his game after New Year again. He found motivation and is just amazing player
Antoine Griezmann: 26 games, 17 goals, 8 assists. Similar to previous 2: he had a rough start to the season, but then he changed something in himself and just started to perform

And the last Striker pick is Cristian Stuani from Girona

24 games and 17 goals. In a side, that no one expected to perform well. He scored most headers this season and just a great player overall. Would be one fun TOTS.

So, as always I covered a bit more than 24 players. But again, just to be safe and get more picks right and not disappoint anyone.

I’m sorry if there’s too much Barcelona players, but they are currently undefeated and just above everyone else in the league.

I hope you enjoy reading this article, and as always, I’ll try to reply everyone.

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