The past week of FIFA has been really ugly. Here’s what happened.

Post time 08/11/2018 08:34pm 08/11/2018 08:34pm by Goran drpoplove Popovic | FUT FM Podcast

Hey comrades!


There’s been a lot of drama throughout the past week of FIFA, and it’s been tough to focus on just the game itself.


Let’s unpack what went down and why.



The Homophobic F Bomb Got Dropped


A pro player posted a video in which he used the homophobic slur you constantly hear during online gaming sessions.


He was then suspended from pro play for 2 months, and he issued an apology.


However, many people came out to defend the use of the word, with common arguments being that “it’s just a word” and “he didn’t use it in that context.”


Well, let’s simplify this and put it in FIFA terms.


Most people get mad when they get shushed in game or dabbed on. Shushing and dabbing are just some animations, but they elicit a real world response. They genuinely upset people on the regular.


Usually, this feeling passes by pretty quickly since someone dabbing on you is such a minor act of trying to get under your skin.


But if a simple animation is able to irritate you that much, just try to imagine how you would feel when someone uses an ignorant word that has historically been used for reasons that go far beyond your typical internet toxicity.


So although words are just words and they evolve over time, words also hold a lot of real world power.


Plus, even if you cast the human element aside, you can’t have professionals using this kind of terminology because it will make sponsors and orgs want to stay away from the scene, and that’s really bad for its health long term.


If you used such language in an office or a media interview as a player, you would be fired or punished in some way. So getting suspended for 2 months is really not so bad when you consider that the pro player’s team could have easily dropped him for good.


Yes Men And Snowflakes On The Loose? What?


An EA Game Changer recently tweeted that he had his access revoked in some ways.


He then proceeded to say that he tried to help and that EA doesn’t want that.


Oh boy! Us Game Changers are often seen as yes men and people who just advertise for free. The part that many people don’t see is that many of us provide feedback about the game daily. Many of the things you see in patches happen partially as a result of that feedback.


Personally, I give pretty negative feedback often. When something is good you say great job and move on. When something is bad you have to go into deep details about it, which often makes you come off as a jerk, despite best efforts.


The thing is, I’ve never run into any problems, and neither has Valerio. And this goes for most other Game Changers really.


There’s a difference between providing loads of feedback, and insulting people as well as revealing things that are under NDA. If you listen to FUT FM regularly, you know that we constantly “rip” on the game if it’s bad. But our “ripping” is always focused on discussing the actual problems with the game. It’s never about insulting or making fun of someone. The things we talk about are typically only related to making the game better.


Anyway, some people will always pick sides and to some people we will always be yes men snowflakes. But I bring all of this up because I genuinely worry that a few incidents like this will ruin the whole program.


And then who will be giving feedback for patches? Hmm…

So on that note, that’s it for today comrades! Don’t forget to subscribe to FUT FM on Apple Podcasts/Google/Spotify so you don’t miss the latest episode, cheers.


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