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We kick off a new season of FUT FM with Socrates, Mbappe, and questions about free packs as “make good” gestures.

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Can Socrates be a useful wide player? Is 91 Mbappe any good? Should everyone get free packs when FIFA 19 servers go down? Let’s find out!



Base Socrates As A Wide Man


You might recall that I really enjoy Prime Socrates as a CM, but that Valerio didn’t like playing with middle Socrates at all.


He found the doctor to be clunky and not as impactful as he would have wanted. Oddly enough, Valerio packed the base version of Socrates and enjoys using him now… but with a twist!


Valerio has Socrates as a wide player with an in game formation change. But instead of running to the byline and crossing with a tall player who isn’t super agile to begin with, Socrates is acting more like an old school wide midfielder. He cuts inside early on in the attack. and contributes to the central area of midfield, sort of like an advanced playmaker.


The idea of a classic wide midfielder in FIFA 19 is pretty novel, and I haven’t really given it a lot of thought in the past. It’s such a fast paced game that it might sound counterintuitive to play this way, but it could also be very helpful to slow things down and take control of the match at times.


I’ll be trying this idea out and let you know how it goes!


91 Mbappe Review


As you already know, Mbappe is one of the most useful and overused cards this year. You’re probably already familiar with what he’s like from just playing against him a bajillion times, so this review will be a little different than normal.


Overall, yes, 91 Mbappe is very good. He’s got almost everything you want as an attacker, including speed, skills, finesse, and great finishing. He’s a very solid dribbler and you can win a far amount of physical battles with him.


So if we’re talking stats ands percentages, you should get Mbappe for sure. He’ll improve your team and help you win more often.


But if you’re interested in just having fun, and you already have a number of other high rated cards on your team, Mbappe is less interesting in my opinion. He’s sort of like your prototypical FIFA 19 player and plays to the game’s most powerful mechanics. I personally find that boring and enjoyed playing more with the player that Mbappe replaced in my squad.


I know that sounds weird, but we’re something like 8 months into FIFA 19, so I’m not really fussed about winning or losing. It’s more about experimentation and finding a style that suits me for how I feel in the moment. Mbappe doesn’t contribute to that.


So if your objective is strictly to win - get Mbappe. If it’s to experiment, he won’t offer you anything you haven’t seen or done before.


Should People Get Free Packs When Servers Go Down?


FIFA 19 was down for a significant amount of time last weekend, meaning that a lot of folks missed out on their FUT Champs matches. As a result, the community demanded free  packs and other compensation as a make good gesture.


I have to wonder though, would free packs actually make people feel better? I think back to the Ultimate Pack login bonus, and the online response to that was pretty hostile and negative. I can picture a scenario in which you’re mad because the game is down, but then you get even more mad if you pack nothing good as a result of that.


Games malfunction all the time (some more than others), so I also wonder if free stuff is a good precedent to set. Just thinking out loud!


Obviously the best case scenario here is for the game to have 99.9% uptime, but I’m not sure I can think of any major AAA game that can guarantee that.


That’s it for this week folks! Don’t forget to subscribe to the best FIFA podcast on Apple Podcasts/Google/Spotify so you never miss a show!

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