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Post time 29/01/2019 08:30pm 29/01/2019 08:30pm by Goran drpoplove Popovic | FUT FM Podcast

Hey comrades, patch #7 drops as we celebrate our 100th official episode! Yaaay!


So with finesse shots being nerfed… does this mean the mythical OP crossing meta is going to dominate our game? Let’s dig deep and find out.



A Look At The “Crossing Meta”


So a lot of FIFA personalities and redditors have been talking about how insanely overpowered the “new crossing meta” is.


There’s a bit of an exploit (or is it?) which allows you to fully charge a header every time you you cross.


There’s also the problem of being able to chain some skill moves into great crosses with ease. As a result, there’s been much anxiety and anticipation of the the crossing meta.


But so far, it seems like scoring from crosses remains a fairly low probability play. However, the ease at which you can do them and the stress they carry means that certain people might want to just spam crosses all game. Sort of like FIFA 14.


So even if crossing is a low probability method of scoring, the fact that it can be spammed so easily might create repetitive cenarios.


It’s way too early to come out and say cross abuse is the new meta, but the potential for it is there. We’ll see how things play out over the next few weeks.


The pros will end up determining what the YouTubers copy, and the YouTubers will end up determining what a lot of other people will do. So keeping track of pro events and matches over the next little while will help inform of us of how the hardcore players are going to try to cheese the game in higher divisions.


One thing Valerio wants to highlight is that even if crossing does become something most people spam in Dvisions 3 through 1, this doesn’t mean that timed finesse pre-patch was good. There has been a swelling of people saying timed finesses should not have been nerfed because they were the only thing keeping cross spam in check.


Headers are where they are regardless of finesse. If they turn out to be super OP and abused, that’ll be a shame for sure. But one broken mechanic (timed finesse) doesn’t fix another broken one.


We should be striving for having lots of tactical and attacking variety in FIFA. We shouldn’t rely on exploiting one mechanic to “solve” another.


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