FIFA 20 Marquee Matchups Predictions: November 28th

Hey guys, it’s Tillian and it’s another Marquee Matchups predictions!

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Hey guys, it’s Tillian and it’s another Marquee Matchups predictions!

Last week went much better. 3\4. Missed only on a Danish League game. Others were on point, so let’s do it again?

This week’s SBC should be interesting, because of a lot mid-week games, but I decided not to include them and focus only on weekend games.

Some interesting games ahead, many derbies, tough choices.

Tier 1: Very likely matches:

AS Monaco vs PSG\Lyon vs Lille
Monaco vs PSG is just an amazing game to watch usually. Before Monaco started struggling – they were the main contender to PSG’s title. After rough seasons – Monaco starting to pick up their form and currently in mid table. PSG uncontestedly at first, as usual.

2ndgame is Lyon vs Lille and it’s midweek game, rivalry between 2 good teams, separated by 3 points. May be included, but probably not.

Most likely requirements:

-1 Player per team
-Overall rating of 75
-at least 3 leagues
-Maximum 3 players per league
-at least 2 rare players
-90 chemistry

What to buy : Just buy few French players. Easy. 3 players from France from both teams + some other leagues and you should be settled

Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona\Valencia vs Villarreal

Well, top clubs, top game, battle between 1st and 3rd. Between them only 1 point and I’d say both teams aren’t in the best form of their life. Both teams are struggling, but game between them should be interesting to watch.

2nd game is just a game between 2 good teams, just usual wild-card game that can be included.

Most likely requirements:

-1 player per team
-Team overall 78+
-Overall Chemistry 80+
-At least 3 rares
-Max players per league: 4

What to invest in: Well, Atletico has many cheap players, so not much to buy. Barca has less choices, so you can go on Gold Barca players

Al Hilal vs Al Ahli

Top clubs in Saudi League. 1st place vs 4th place, separated by 3 points. Haven’t seen a game from Saudi League for a long time, so it’s a good chance of it to be included
Most likely requirements:

-Just any players from those teams
-Overall rating of 65
-At least 2 rares, plus few leagues
-90 chemistry

What to invest in: Probably no problem for most – but players from Saudi League should be included.

Genoa vs Torino\Brescia vs Atalanta
Only one game from Serie A that stands out . It’s Derby of Northwest. 2 teams are in mid-table, so this game easily can be excluded, and I won’t be surprised

2nd game is a bit less hyped: Derby of Lombardy, but between 2 teams there’s just a huge gap. Last place team vs 5th place team.
Most likely requirements

-1 player per teams
-Overall rating of 76
-At least 3 rares
-At least 3 teams
-90 chemistry

What to invest in: Any gold players from those teams

FC Basel vs BSC Young Boys

Very big game in Swiss league. Derby of Switzerland, 1st place vs 2nd place. Both teams separated by 1 point, so it’s gonna be very fun.

Most likely requirements:

-2 players from both teams
-Team overall 70+
-Overall Chemistry 90+
-At least 3 rares

What to invest in: Just buy 2 players from those 2 teams. Just to be safe

Olympiakos vs PAOK

My “favorite” league that never gets included, no matter how hard I try to promote it. 1st place vs 2nd, separated by 2 points, so yeah, if not now – then never. One last ride

Most likely requirements:

-2 players from both teams
-Team overall 67+
-Overall Chemistry 90+
-Max 4 players from league

What to invest in: Just buy 2 players from those 2 teams. Just in case. Just why not

And the last few matches, that I don’t think that will be included, but they are worth mentioning, so I’ll group them:

Liverpool vs Everton (midweek game)\Chelsea vs West Ham (Chelsea was in MMs recently)\ Unterhaching vs 1860 Munich (derby in 3rd league)\ Genk vs Sint-Truiden (Limburg derby)\ Valenciennes FC vs RC Lens\Jubilo Iwata vs Nagoya Grampus or Kawasaki vs Yokohama

They are all rivalries and all can be included, but I don’t think so. Just buy 1 player per those teams to be safe. In my opinion, there are around 5% chances for each of those games to be included.

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