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What is FUTWIZ Sync

FUTWIZ Sync has the ability to download your club data to FUTWIZ – this contains all the information about the players in your club.

Some of you may remember the “Collections” feature we had when FUTWIZ launched in 2012 – it’s a little bit like that but we don’t ask for any login details at all! All that is required is the FUTWIZ Sync Google Chrome extension found here:

How does it work?

When you navigate to FUTWIZ Sync, you are promoted to open the FUT17 webapp in a new tab – where if you’re not logged in already you will need to login. Once logged in to the web app you should be able to sync your club within FUTWIZ Sync. Bear in mind the sync can take a little bit of time if you’ve got a large club!

Is FUTWIZ Sync safe?

Your login is handled by the FUT17 Web App, there’s nothing different involved (it’s just a standard login to the FUT17 Web App) and we don’t see your login details. Our chrome extension just needs you to be logged in to the FUT17 Web App to be able to see the contents of your club and sync them with our database.