Ultimate TOTY Trading and Crafting Guide

Post time 25/01/2024 05:28pm 25/01/2024 05:28pm by The Toffee Trader | TOTW

The long-awaited TOTY release is finally upon us! Now that you've cracked open all your saved packs, you're probably wondering, "What's the optimal strategy to maximize my chances of packing a TOTY?" Look no further – this article will guide you through the most effective ways to use your time and players, increasing your odds of securing those elusive TOTY cards within EAFC.

1. Complete Daily Upgrades

Don't overlook the power of daily gold, bronze, and silver upgrades as an easy source of club stock players. Start with the bronze upgrade, progress through silver, and finally reach gold. While the daily 30 commons and 3 rare cards may not guarantee a TOTY, they significantly benefit your chances of packing TOTW cards and enhance your club stock for SBCs

2. TOTY Draft Play Objectives

Participate in the TOTY Draft Play objectives to receive a free draft token by playing a single game on UT. Additionally, you can acquire more tokens with the Daily Draft Token Upgrade, requiring just an 82-rated squad. Completing these objectives not only unlocks valuable packs but also rewards from the draft itself. Most objectives, except for the final one (Win 10 online draft matches) and in turn the group completion objective, can be completed offline against AI opponents, ensuring you still gain rewards even if you prefer the AI challenge over human opponents.

Just a snippet of some of the rewards are available below for more information on available objectives check out the FUTWIZ website

3. Utilizing Common Gold Cards

Resist the temptation to use common golds in specific league upgrades. Instead, opt for the 'Winter Wildcards Crafting Upgrade' if available, as it offers 3 rare gold cards in exchange for the same number of common cards per SBC completion. Coupled with group objectives, this provides more value for your common cards. If you've already completed this SBC, consider the 'Gold Upgrade' for continued value.

4. Premium Mixed Leagues Upgrade + League Specific Upgrade Crafting

The heart of this article lies in the synergy between the 'Premium Mixed Leagues upgrade' and specific league upgrades. Place any gold rare players not applicable to the ‘Premium Mixed Leagues SBCs into specific league upgrades, however, keep those that are required. This allows you to continuously recycle players into the ‘Premium Mixed League SBCs’. This not only sustains your grind but also presents chances of packing quality players along the way.

Below you can see which leagues are required for the Mixed League SBC, without a doubt the most expensive segment is the league 1/ Eredivisie which requires a minimum 6 players from the same club, to reduce the cost of this segment simply do a premium upgrade or 2 of the Ligue 1/D1F, this will likely give you a few players from the same club allowing you to complete the segment or at worst reducing the amount of players that are needed to be purchased from the transfer market.

Best of luck with your grind! If you happen to pack a TOTY using these methods, share your success on X with myself @FUT_James98oc and @FUTWIZ on X!