Top 10 New Features of FC 24

Post time 11/08/2023 10:00am 11/08/2023 10:00am by r2uan | General

Here are the Top 10 new features or improvements coming to EA Sports FC24 (FC24)


Introducing the "Ultimate Team Evolutions" system, a game-changing feature that transforms squad-building. This system allows customization and improvement of players within your Club. Enhance lower-rated players and personalize top players by adjusting skills, work rates, and weak foot capabilities. As you level up players, they'll gain visual upgrades. Notably, players can undergo multiple Evolutions in a year, resulting in unique versions. This year also sees the inclusion of women's leagues, making it a prime opportunity to construct your ultimate team.

How does it work? What's an Evolution?

Upgrade and evolve your players by assigning them to an Evolution slot and accomplishing gameplay challenges. These challenges result in permanent upgrades for the player.

Players' eligibility for Evolutions varies based on criteria like player type or skills, such as evolving a Silver Player or a left back with 3* skill moves. Some Evolutions are free each season, while others need coins/points.

Challenges accompany each Evolution, ranging from simple tasks to win matches to more complex objectives like winning Ultimate Team Champs matches. Completing challenges earns permanent upgrades, including Overall Stat and specific attribute boosts. Customizations like Skill Moves, Work Rates, and more are possible. Evolutions will evolve throughout the season, offering fresh ways to enhance your squad, sometimes within specific time frames.


  • Can I add an Evolutions player to the Transfer Market?

    • No. Once a player has been confirmed in an Evolution, it becomes untradeable.

  • How many players can I Evolve at a time?

    • You can have as many Evolution players in your squad as you want, but you can only activate one to Upgrade at a time

  • Can I use Evolution players in Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

    • In-progress Evolution players cannot be submitted in SBCs. However, once the Player Item is fully upgraded and the Evolution is completed then you can use them in SBCs.

  • Can I enrol the same player in multiple Evolutions?

    • Yes! If the player meets the eligibility requirements it can be enrolled in multiple slots, but a player cannot be in multiple slots simultaneously. A player can be enrolled in a new Evolution once their current one is completed.

Women’s Football in Ultimate Team

In FC 24, Ultimate Team combines men's and women's football on a single pitch. With an expanded player pool of around 1600 players, the aim is to create distinct Ultimate Teams, allowing you to craft your ideal lineup with your favourite players.

Will men’s and women’s footballers compete on the same pitch?

Yes, all players will compete on the same pitch in Ultimate Team. With more players than ever to choose from, you’ll have the opportunity to get creative with hybrid squads from multiple Leagues.

How will Chemistry work?

Chemistry mechanics will stay consistent, with an added chance to link players across men's and women's football. Players will still connect based on shared Leagues and Nations (e.g., WSL players with other WSL players, English players with English players). Moreover, a new feature permits linking between women's and men's footballers of the same affiliated Club (e.g., Chelsea's WSL players with Chelsea's Premier League players).


PlayStyles bring a fresh dimension to Ultimate Team beyond overall ratings, enabling squad building based on players' real gameplay traits. PlayStyles impact gameplay, providing distinct and authentic abilities. PlayStyles+ elevate these abilities to a top-tier level, exemplifying exceptional skills like Sam Kerr's Power Header or Haaland's Acrobatic prowess, mirroring elite players' unique capabilities.

If a player has a PlayStyle+, an icon is displayed on the face of the item. You can find further details on PlayStyles in one of the item views, as well as in the Player Bio.

New Menus

There is a new menu system coming to FC24 and navigation has been streamlined for faster access. The Quick Switcher enables seamless jumps between Squad, Transfer Market, Objectives, favourite game modes, and other sections.


In FC24, Objectives have been refreshed, aiming to make them more engaging. To help players navigate the vast content, Objective Groups are now categorized into multiple tabs, enhancing ease of discovery, play, and progress management.

While objectives are enjoyable, their presentation used to lack vibrancy. This is changing, as certain Objective Groups will feature themed backgrounds, allowing the campaigns' energy and personality to stand out prominently.

Claim All Objectives

A new "Claim All" button has been introduced. This button allows you to instantly collect all rewards from completed Objectives within a single Objective Group and have them sent to your Club.

Position Modifier Removal

Squad building has been simplified by eliminating Position Modifier consumables. Player Items can now be effortlessly rearranged within the Squad, and they will get Chemistry in both their Primary and Alternative Positions.

This alteration extends to SBCs and Ultimate Team Draft, granting increased flexibility and significantly easing the process of constructing squads.

Improved Club Search

Loan Players will be hidden during squad building for SBCs to enhance clarity.

Additionally, Position searches within your Club are being modified. The default search will encompass both Primary and Alternative Positions, streamlining squad construction. However, you can opt to refine your search solely to Primary Positions if desired.

It's important to note that this combined search feature will be applicable within your Club. The Transfer Market search will maintain its focus on Primary Positions exclusively.

ICON Changes


In FC24, each ICON in your Squad will provide an extra Chemistry contribution to every represented League, ensuring at least one Chemistry Point per League. This League contribution complements the existing Nation Chemistry.


At launch, ICONs will have a single Base version, aligning them with Heroes and Regular player items. More variations of Heroes and ICONs will be released throughout the year to capture the eras and stories of these legendary players.

Squad Battles Match Length

For all Squad Battles matches in FC24, Each half will now be shortened from 6 minutes to 4 minutes, maximizing your gameplay experience every time you play.