The Best Players for the FS Academy Midfielders Evolution

Post time 17/02/2024 03:00pm 17/02/2024 03:00pm by kimpembro | Ultimate Team

EA have released a brand new evolution and we are going to cover everything you need to know about it, including who are the most popular players to evolve.

As part of this evolution every player was sent a FS Academy Midfielders pack and they contained the following players:

Here is some key info about the evolution:

  • Cost: Free

  • Start By Date: 3 Weeks

  • Expiration Date: 4 Weeks

  • Minimum Number of Games to Complete: 25 Games

The requirements and the upgrades which your player will receive are as follows:

The main things to note regarding the requirements is that only players with the rarity of Future Stars Evo are eligible for this evolution, this basically means any player who meets the requirements and is from the Future Stars Academy Packs (Defenders, Midfielders or Attackers) are eligible.

The upgrades you get from this evolution are really well rounded and you receive the Tiki Take and Intercept PlayStyle+.

The most popular choices for this evolution are:

Oliver Skipp

Skip is one of the most popular choices, the main reason being has a very well rounded card and has 99 Short Pass with 95 Reactions and 94 Composure, also he has perfect CDM work rates which are Medium/High.

The main negatives with this card is that he only has 2* skill moves and is quite poor in the air as he is only 5' 9" / 175cm with low Jumping and Heading.

Yacine Adli

Adli is also one of the most popular choices, whereas Skipp is to be utilised defensively Adli is definitely more of an attacking CM. He has great long distance shooting with really good passing and dribbling.

The main negative with this card is that he only has 3* skill moves which for an attacking CM that isn’t ideal.

Manuel Ugarte

Ugarte is also one of the most popular choices, the main reason being similar to Skipp as he has good short passing and defensive attributes.

Also similar to skip he isn’t great in the air, also he only has 3* skill moves.

Kimpmebro’s Conclusion

For me this evolution is slightly underwhelming, the cards themselves are solid but a lot of the choice lack skill moves and weak foot upgrades, also only the 10 midfielders that were released fit into this evolution whereas in previous evolutions some of the Attackers and Defenders fit into both evolutions meaning there was an added level of variety to the choice.

Whether you do this evolution or not will simply be down to how good your team is now or if you simply want to collect some of these cards. I will be doing Skipp, however I don’t think he gets into my team.

These are just a few possibilities of who you can put into the new FS Academy Midfielder evolution, there are plenty other options available and if you want to see them, simply click the link here and have a look for yourself.