Path to Glory in FC 24 Explained

The festival of football has arrived in FC 24 and we have the return of the Path to Glory upgrade cards! TOTS is now finished which means there is a brand-new promo to explore in Ultimate Team. Alongside the new Path to Glory cards for the international competitions, there are also some new Greats of the Game cards! There are also lots of new SBCs, Evolutions and more to discover now in FC 24 Ultimate Team!

Path to Glory FC 24 Upgrade Path

Path to Glory cards are given to players from teams participating in the EURO 2024 and Copa America competitions. These cards can be upgraded based on their country’s real-life performances. There are six different upgrade opportunities, and the following list below is the upgrade path:

Win 1- +1 OVR upgrade

Win 3- +1 PlayStyle+

Win Quarter-Final- +1 OVR upgrade

Win Semi-Final- 5* 5* upgrade OR +1 OVR upgrade

Win Final- +1 OVR upgrade

To keep track of all of the Path to Glory upgrades, you can view our Path to Glory Tracker

Path to Glory FC 24 Team 1

There are 30 new cards that are part of Path to Glory Team 1 with 20 of these cards coming from teams in EURO 2024 and the remaining 10 coming from Copa America. If any of the seven 96-rated cards’ teams wins their tournament’s final, they will become 99-rated. All of these cards are rated between 91 and 96. With the potential upgrades that some of these cards could get, some of these cards are quite comfortably the best cards in the game!

Greats of the Game FC 24 Upgrade Path

Greats of the Game cards are given to a select few ICONs and Heroes in the game. Similar to the Path to Glory cards, these can be upgraded based on how their nation performs in their tournament. There are two potential upgrades up for grabs, which are determined by how many goals their nation scores. The following below are the requirements for each upgrade:

Nation Scores 2 Goals- +1 OVR upgrade

Nation Scores 4 Goals- +1 PlayStyle+ OR 1 99 Face Stat

Greats of the Game FC 24 Team 1

EA have given us 12 insane Greats of the Game cards! Eight of these cards are ICONs and the other four are Heroes cards. They are all rated between 94 and 97 which is amazing, and they are all very usable cards which gives us loads of more unique squad-building opportunities. There is potential for Kenny Dalglish and Rivaldo to both become 98-rated if Brazil and Scotland score two goals in their tournaments. These cards are already ridiculously good and with the potential of upgrades and an additional PlayStyles+, they will be very sought-after and will be extremely valuable for your squad.

New Loan Type in FC 24

In addition to all of the new cards that we have gained in FC 24, we have a new type of loan card to explore in the game. To go alongside the traditional “Match Loans”, which are the loan cars that we already have in Ultimate Team, we now have “Global Loans”. Global Loans are applicable to all players simultaneously and they begin and end on a set time and date for everyone. They allow players to use certain cards for a set period. These will all expire on July 18th.

New Evolutions in FC 24

Today was a huge day for Evolutions as FOUR new FREE evolutions were added to the game. Every player has received a pack containing seven EURO and Copa America academy attackers to put into these new evolutions “EURO Attacker” and “COPA Attacker”. These Evolutions can be completed twice and for each competition totalling four free evolutions. The players can be seen below but to view their upgraded stats and look at all of the current evolutions, click here:

New SBCs in FC 24

The SBCs tab was bombarded with new content today as 12 new or refreshed SBCs entered the game. For starters, all of the exchange packs (85,86,87,88 and 89) were refreshed and re-added for 42 days. The 83+ TOTW Player Pick also made a return today with the same requirements.

Three new player SBCs were added today with our first Showdown SBC of the Festival of Football being released for the first match of the EURO 2024 campaign (Germany vs Scotland). Ryan Christie’s SBC requires an 86-rated squad with a TOTS/TOTW whereas Thomas Muller’s SBC requires an 87-rated squad and an 88-rated squad.

We also received a Path to Glory Luiz Diaz which requires you to complete seven segments including a 91-rated squad and a 90-rated squad with a TOTS/TOTW! Diaz has 5* skills and 99 pace and dribbling.

The remaining new SBCs were all pack-focused as there is a Path to Glory Daily Challenge for a Rare Gold Pack, an eChampions League Winner SBC for a Premium Gold Players Pack and a 78+ x3 Best of Nations Upgrade which gives out gives out three 78+ rated players from Argentina, France, England, Brazil or The Netherlands.

New Objectives in FC 24

Finally, we have some new objectives that have been added to the game. Firstly, there is a Festival of Football Daily Play and Daily Play Completionist which gives out a range of packs including an 84+ x 4 pack. Secondly, there is a player SBC for Path to Glory Andreas Christensen which can be completed in a minimum of six matches. Thirdly, there are the rewards from the new Festival of Football Cup which includes lots of packs and guarantees you an 87+ x 2 pack for winning 12 games in the cup.