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Loading into Web App for the first time

You will have to choose a nation, this will give you some players from that nation for your starter team.

From an efficiency standpoint, it would be a better idea to choose a country that has a lot of SBC fodder.

*Fodders are players that are considered unusable in-game, but are very usable for SBCs. Do remember, these starter players can’t be sold so look to utilise them in SBCs right away.

Brazil and Argentina would be my personal picks because of all the potential leagues they can cover and for the few starting SBCs and even Advanced SBCs, nation links for players in a variety of leagues will help out a lot with requirements.

Kit and badge selection

A not well known trick you can do is to make sure to select Gold Rare Kits and Badges only. Don’t go for some small clubs just because it looks nice, we’re after quick sell value. Many don’t know this but the kits and badge you select are actually tradeable. Go for big club items that you know should have Gold Rare items as these will quicksell for more coins.

Afterwards you will be able to check your club menu and exchange your active kits and badge to the ones the game gives you at the start which are untradeable. I’d recommend quick selling them to have some coins right away.

Pack Management

You can now open your Welcome Back packs. Probably one of the more exciting first moments after loading up the Web App.

So let’s take a look what we’re expecting to receive:

  • 2x Gold Packs

  • 4x Gold Player Packs with a guaranteed 80+ rated card

  • 1x Stadium Customisation Pack (all items in total quick sell for ~2.500)

This will amount to around 50-55 player cards. Make sure to not blindly quicksell anything just yet. Go through all cards one by one to maximise your coins as much as possible. Compare price and see if it looks like it may be possible to sell a card on the market, if not and the card doesn’t offer good nation links, you could look to quick sell them to not waste your time or transfer list space.

What’s next?

Once you’ve finished managing your club by deciding what to sell and what to keep, you should have a decent amount of coins built up. Time to do Advanced SBCs and increase your coin total even more!

Completing SBCs

Let’s talk about completing SBCs to earn coins early on in the game. Fact is that certain SBCs are great to earn coins from and that you should definitely complete some/if not all to boost your coin balance.

What SBCs do we want to complete as soon as possible?

We want to complete the Advanced SBC groups. Those have the biggest chance to give you the most profit. This is because the SBCs are quite cheap to begin with, but the packs can be considered very valuable. Start with the ones which reward you with high value packs like the Rare Mega Packs or Rare Player Packs.

After making sure you’ve found the cheapest way (for you and around the cards you may have managed to get through your starter packs), complete an SBC part and instantly open the pack. Keep every player unless you know for sure that a player won’t fit in any of the remaining SBCs and equally sell when you need to increase your SBC completing power.

Let’s look at an example:

Hybrid Nations SBC Group was ~25.000 to complete at the start of the game last year and the return was:

  • 1x Electrum Players Pack

  • 1x Gold Players Pack

  • 1x Prime Gold Players Pack

  • 1x Rare Players Pack

and for completing the whole set

  • 1x Rare Mega Pack

This means the following:

You pay ~25.000 for the whole SBC group (4 SBCs, 5 packs) and in return you get roughly 170.000 worth of packs which will no doubt make back your invested coins & much more on top. And who knows, maybe you manage to pack an absolutely huge card? In that case you’re off to a flying start in FIFA 23!

Keep in mind that there’s 2 other sets of Advanced SBCs that you can start completing that are equally as good:

  • Hybrid Leagues

  • League and Nation Hybrid

FIFA Points on the Web App?

Over the last couple of days a lot of the FUT community has been speculating whether or not it will be possible to load up/purchase FIFA Points directly from the Web App. There are good arguments for and against this but no one can be sure just yet and we’ll likely only get the answers when the Web App officially launches. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop us from talking about and possibly preparing for things that might happen to the market in both scenarios.

In case players are unable to add FIFA Points on their Web App:

Only supply of cards will be coming from Welcome Back packs everyone is granted with when opening the Web App for the very first time and from packs gained by completing various Advanced SBCs. With the exception of the fact the Web App is way before the full game unlike previous years, the market in this case should feel a little inactive in terms of major buying power as people scramble to trade their way up but overall fairly normal.

In case players are able to add FIFA Points on their Web App:

This will be very unprecedented and could very likely shape the 6 day period very differently than what is usually happening on the Web App. There will be a stream of mass supply coming on to the market constantly as those who are adding FIFA Points, open packs and try to sell their cards. But the buying power is likely very weak causing every card - meta or fodder, to be oversupplied as the ability for people to buy the cards to begin with won’t be there. In this scenario, it is possible that the initial low point in the market is the very first evening.

Regardless of what may or may not happen with the FIFA Points situation, let’s discuss a little bit about making coins from the market.

Early Investing/Trading

Many of the cards you used in those Advanced SBC solutions can also be amazing investments. The requirements of those SBCs are quite restrictive which means there’s only a handful of ways to complete them. That leads to cards that for everyone who wants to do the SBC, will need to either have packed them or buy them from the market. Some of the key nations are Brazil & Argentina. Gold cards from those nations and especially off-league ones hold a significant value. This means if you were to buy into some SBC required cards early on, their value will increase over time as more people get to completing the SBCs.

You can also look to invest in usable Meta cards from the popular leagues which you think are going to go up in price over time. However, this won’t be the most efficient use of your coins as essentially you’re locking up your coin total for potentially days which is far from efficient during this starting phase. However, maybe do so with 20-30% of your coins to have those few investments in your “portfolio”.

In case you want to spend more time growing your coins, actively bidding/sniping cards on the market is the way for you. Find out what cards hold somewhat of a value by checking their lowest current price on the market, even silver cards will work and are usually an amazing area of the market to start with.

You will eventually find some nice bidding/sniping filters that overview multiple cards which you can use to generate small profits per card. Remember that mass bidding works based on volume of bids placed, not the win rate being high. Even if you win 10-15 cards per every 50 bids, it’s still a success as you can then sell the cards very quickly and keep repeating that process countless times every hour.

In terms of building your starter team, my advice would be you leave that for when the full game is out for three simple reasons:

  • You don’t actually need a squad for 6 days at the minimum.

  • Significantly impacts your trading ability by not having those coins available at all times.

  • Those “hyped” starter players will likely start off high on the market and actually lose value when full release arrives, especially if those cards are low rated and packed a lot.

Can argue that specific cards you could buy in your starter team are investments but those will be very specific cards. Not everything that seems meta by any means is guaranteed to rise.

That will do for now!

I hope this article has helped you in figuring out your battle plan for the Web App phase. Wishing everyone a successful start to FIFA 23!

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