FC 24 Career Mode News

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EA SPORTS FC 24 (FC24) allows players to have greater control over crafting their own football stories through Career Experiences, here is all of the new features coming to Manager Career and Player Career in FC24

Manager Career

FC 24 introduces a Total Management System in Manager Career mode, incorporating Tactical Visions and Coaches. Match Preparation is emphasized, and dynamic moments like Open Top Bus Parades and Awards Events celebrate players' success


Tactical Vision

Tactical Vision in Manager Career mode allows managers to shape their club's identity and team behaviour on and off the pitch by choosing from seven tactical philosophies.

  • Standard: Balanced approach with a focus on h3 defence and a threat in attack.

  • Wing Play: Utilizes the full width of the pitch, quick ball distribution to attacking players near the touchlines, and overlapping full-backs.

  • Tiki-Taka: Possession-based style with short passing and rotations to create attacking opportunities.

  • Counter-Attack: Low-risk strategy, defending deep, and quickly transitioning to exploit space behind the defence.

  • Gegenpressing: High-press strategy, aiming to win back the ball in the opponent's third and create fast-scoring opportunities.

  • Kick & Rush: Emphasizes strength and athleticism, bypassing the midfield to deliver the ball quickly to powerful strikers.

  • Park the Bus: Focused on solid, uncompromising defending with a very low block to thwart opponent attacks and counter when possible.

Tactical Vision Scouting

In Manager Career mode, the Scouting system has been refreshed to help you recruit players who are a natural fit for your tactical system. In addition to existing filters like position, age, and remaining contract, new filters have been introduced:

  • Tactical Fit: Each Tactical Vision is associated with specific key Attributes for each position. Scouts will report back on players who excel in those areas relevant to your chosen Tactical Vision.

    • For example, a Central Midfielder for Counter-Attack will prioritize Agility, Stamina, Dribbling, and Acceleration, while a Tiki-Taka CM will require high levels of Ball Control, Short Passing, and Positioning.

  • Overall Condition: This filter helps determine the quality of the player you are seeking, ranging from Backup to World Class.

  • PlayStyles: You can now request players with specific PlayStyles, allowing you to find players that align perfectly with your preferred gameplay style.

With these new scouting features, you can discover players who fit your tactical approach, overall quality expectations, and playstyle preferences, enhancing your ability to build the ideal team for success.


Coaches are a new addition to Manager Career mode, each team is made up of the following departments: Attack, Midfield, Defence, and Goalkeeping. Depending on their pitch positions, all players are linked to their relevant department, including senior and youth players

Coaches have two main dimensions:

  • Tactical Knowledge

  • Player Development

There is an incredible amount of detail to go into regarding coaches, however for this article we will keep it very high level. Lots more information can be found in the FC24 Career Deep Dive article provided by EA.


The redesigned Matchday Hub emphasizes match preparation, reflecting real-world football strategies. It includes the pre-match report, dedicated training sessions, and press conferences, enhancing the overall matchday experience and helping you overcome your next opponent effectively.

Pre Match Reports

Pre-match reports provide key insights into your opponents' playing style and threats. The reports include:

  • Probable Line-up: The predicted formation of the opposing team, along with details of their Tactical Vision, offensive, and defensive styles.

  • Opposing team's recent form over the last 5 matches and their current competition standing.

  • Opponent Threats: Identification of Key Attacking and Key Defensive Players who may require special attention during the match.

Match Ready Training

Match Ready Training offers one-off drills to enhance your team's preparation. Completing specific drills unlocks temporary PlayStyles for players involved, based on their positions and the chosen exercise. These drills cover various aspects of the game, allowing you to focus on your team's strengths or counter the opposition's plans effectively.


In response to community requests, FC 24 introduces the ability to spectate matches in Manager Career mode. The Tactical View feature allows you to watch the match from various angles, including specific player views, a bird's eye view, and even the chaos and dynamics from the touchline, just behind the manager.

During the match, you can switch between views without pausing and make quick tactical changes or adjust your game plan as the game progresses. This addition enhances the match experience, giving managers more control and immersion during gameplay.


Dynamic Moments feature celebrates success both at the team and individual levels. The Cinematics team has worked to include the following exciting scenes:

  • Ballon d’Or Partnership: Witness the pinnacle of player performance recognition as your Player receives the prestigious Ballon d’Or award in the game.

  • Open Top Bus Trophy Parade: Celebrate the conclusion of a successful season where your team has won at least one trophy. The parade will showcase all the trophies your team has earned.

  • Manager of the Year and Player of the Season Awards: Experience extravagant galas where the Manager of the Year and Player of the Season awards will be presented to their deserving winners. Lead your team to top performances throughout the season to earn the award yourself or cheer on your players from the audience as they lift the prestigious trophy at the campaign's end.

Player Career

In Player Career mode of FC 24, new features include Player Agents for dream transfers, PlayStyles for a unique player experience, a Focus Camera for immersive gameplay, and dynamic moments like Open Top Bus Parades and Awards Events. Earn the Ballon d’Or and become a football legend in your journey.


The Player Agent plays a crucial role in your Player Career mode. They offer in-depth involvement in transfers, contracts, and the overall trajectory of your career across multiple seasons.

Your Player Agent will guide you through your journey, providing commentary on your achievements and losses. Most importantly, they will assist you in shaping your future by negotiating with clubs for potential transfers and contracts, influencing the path your career takes in the game.

Again, there is an incredible amount of detail to go into regarding Player Agents, however for this article we will keep it very high level. Lots more information can be found in the FC 24 Career Deep Dive article provided by EA.


Each club sets specific requirements as objectives that players need to meet to join or continue their contract.

Objectives are categorized as Mandatory and Optional, and they depend on factors such as league prestige, club star rating, financial stability, and your desired weekly wage.

  • Mandatory Objectives are the minimum requirements needed for signing a new contract or securing a place at your current club.

  • Optional Objectives come into play when you want to earn more and increase your weekly wage.

The type of objectives is influenced by the tactical style of the club and your position. For instance, dynamic, fast-paced clubs may have "pass & go" objectives, while defensive-oriented clubs may focus on clean sheets and ball possession.

Successfully completing these objectives allows you to negotiate better contracts and shape your career trajectory in the game effectively.


Player Personality 2.0

The Player Personality system is improved, allowing you to shape your player's growth with PlayStyles.

Assign PlayStyles at each of the 7 Personality levels, and the available options depend on the distribution of Personality Points between Maverick, Heartbeat, and Virtuoso.

More dedication to a specific personality type unlocks additional PlayStyles from that category, offering greater customization options for your player's on-pitch behaviour.


When you progress to the last level of Personality, if one of the Personality types may become highly dominant, you will get access to turn one of your equipped PlayStyles into a powerful, more refined version called a PlayStyle+.

These are the most notable additions and improvements coming to Manager and Player career in FC 24, there are plenty other additions and improvements that have not been mentioned such as additional customisation, improved in game camera and many other things.

The FC 24 Career Deep Dive article provided by EA covers off all of the new things you can expect to see in both Manager and Player career mode.