Everything you need to know about Ultimate TOTS in FC 24

It’s the final week of Team of the Season in FC 24 which means Ultimate TOTS has arrived! Ultimate TOTS brings together the best TOTS from all of the men’s women’s and mixed league teams and re-releases these cards back into packs! Alongside Ultimate TOTS, we have “End Of An Era Week” which celebrates some of the stars of a game that are closing a big chapter of their football career whether that be with a certain club or they are retiring. There are also SBCs, Evolutions and more to explore now in FC 24!

Ultimate TOTS Squad and What’s in Packs in FC 24

There is a total of 35 Ultimate TOTS cards which is 10 more than we saw last year! There are 21 cards from the men’s EFIGS leagues (England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain), 8 cards from the women’s leagues and 6 extra cards from the mixed leagues. All of these cards are rated between 93 and 97 with there being a total of twelve 97-rated cards! The Ultimate TOTS cards are now available to pack in the store and will also be obtainable through the red picks in rewards. Below are five examples of some of the cards that you could pack:

Kylian Mbappe (97): Any Mbappe card is comfortably the most sought-after card in the game, so it’s no shock to anyone that Kylian is part of the Ultimate TOTS squad. He can play LW, CF and ST and has stats such as 99 pace, 98 dribbling and 97 shooting. With 5* skills and PlayStyles+ such as Technical+, Rapid+ and First Touch+, good luck stopping this card!

Virgil Van Dijk (97): From the best attacker in the game to the best defender, it comes as no surprise that Van Dijk’s Team of the Season card is part of the Ultimate TOTS squad. An absolute rock at the back, Van Dijk has 97 defending and 94 physical with the addition of 92 pace. He also has three PlayStyles+ which are Anticipate+, Jockey+ and Long Ball Pass+.

Lionel Messi (97): I think Messi’s name speaks for himself as to how good this card is. Messi is the highest-rated Ultimate TOTS out of all the mixed league cards. He has 4* skills and a 5* weak foot to co-exist with his PlayStyles+ which are Finesse Shot+, Incisive Pass+ and Technical+. His in-game stats are ridiculous as he has twelve 99-rated in-game stats! Messi can also play CF, CAM and ST.

Sophia Smith (97): Smith is one of four women in the Ultimate TOTS squad that is 97-rated. She has perfect 99 pace as well as 97 dribbling and 94 shooting. Smith is an excellent choice at striker but can also play RW as well. She has 4* skills and a 5* weak foot which is excellent. The American’s three PlayStyles+ are Finesse Shot+, First Touch+ and Quick Step+.

Cristiano Ronaldo (96): With what could be his last feature in an Ultimate TOTS squad, Ronaldo rightfully re-enters packs with an insane card. His TOTS item has 99 shooting with 5* skills and a 4* weak foot. He also has an excellent array of PlayStyles+ which are Power Shot+, Aerial+ and Quick Step+.

End Of An Era Week in FC 24

It’s not only Ultimate TOTS week in FC 24 as it’s also “End of an Era Week”. Similar to what we saw last year, this week will be filled with End of an Era and Flashback cards which will be spread across SBCs and objectives. These cards are given to celebrate players’ careers and gives these great players high-end cards. So far, we’ve had two End of an Era SBCs and one player objective which we will dive into more detail later but expect lots of End of an Era themed content to come this week!

New SBCs for Ultimate TOTS in FC 24

Two new End of an Era players were released to kick off the week as we were given EOAE Thiago Silva and EOAE Felipe Anderson. Thiago Silva is an excellent card with 97 defending and 93 physical. He also has Anticipate+, Power Header+ and Jockey+. Thiago Silva’s SBC has six segments which require an 85-rated squad with a TOTS/TOTW, an 86-rated squad with a Chelsea player and a TOTS/TOTW, an 87-rated squad with a Brazil player, an 88-rated squad with a Premier League player, an 89-rated squad and a 90-rated squad. This SBC should cost just over 500k coins and to see exactly you need to complete it, click here to see our full thread on X: https://x.com/FUTWIZ/status/1796607240587317456

Felipe Anderson’s End of an Era SBC is much cheaper as he only requires an 86-rated squad with a Serie A player and an 88-rated squad with a Brazilian and a TOTS/TOTW. Anderson is an exceptional card for the price as he has 5* skills and great stats such as 95 pace and 94 dribbling. He also has Whipped Pass+, Power Shot+ and Rapid+.

We’ve also had two pack-related SBCs as a Live TOTS Upgrade and a repeatable 82+ Major Leagues Double Upgrade has entered the game. The Live TOTS Upgrade requires an 86-rated squad with a Live TOTS item. The repeatable 82+ Double pack contains players rated 82 or higher from the EFIGS leagues and requires four gold rares and two gold commons.

New Evolutions for Ultimate TOTS in FC 24

We were given two new free Evolutions today which is amazing! The first of the two is “Champions Corner 3” which slightly boosts TOTS Champions items with a max overall of 95. The second free Evolution is “Ultimate TOTS Glow Up” which gives a huge boost to a player under 70-rated and that fits the requirements. This Evo also gives the chosen player three PlayStyles+. To see the exact requirements and look at all of the eligible players, click here: https://www.futwiz.com/en/fc24/evolutions

New Objectives for Ultimate TOTS in FC 24

Finally, we have plenty of new objectives to jump into. The player objective this week is End of an Era Julie Soyer. Soyer is a 92-rated RB who can also play RWB and LB. She has a 5* weak foot with three PlayStyles+ which are Whipped Pass+, Intercept+ and First Touch+. This card can be completed in a minimum of five games.

As expected again, we got the Daily Play and Daily Play Completionist objectives which give out a TOTS Guarantee Pack and much more. Alongside this, we got the TOTS Champions Bonus which gives out extra red picks. For 8 wins, you receive a 1 of 3 Bundesliga TOTS Red pick, for 10 it’s Serie A, for 12 it’s Ligue 1, 14 wins is Premier League and 16 wins is La Liga. You will also receive a TOTS Guarantee Pack for completing the set. Will this encourage you to go for 16 wins this week?