Everything You Need To Know About Make Your Mark In FC 24

It really is the festival of football in FC 24 as “Make Your Mark” has entered Ultimate Team. Path to Glory and Greats of the Game have left packs and the new upgradable Make Your Mark items are now available to obtain! These cards can be upgraded based on their nations’ real-life performances in the EURO 2024 and Copa America competitions. There are also plenty of evolutions, SBCs and more to explore now in FC24!

Make Your Mark FC 24 Upgrade Path

Similar to the Path to Glory cards, The Make Your Mark items are given to players featuring in the EURO 2024 and Copa America tournaments. These again are upgraded based on real-life performances, however, the upgrades are determined by the individual player’s performance rather than their nation’s. There are three different upgrades which are:

Make tournament debut- +1 chemistry boost

Two goals or assists (Attackers and Midfielders) OR Two clean sheets (defenders and goalkeepers)- +1 OVR upgrade

Make five appearances- +1 OVR upgrade

To keep track of all of the Make Your Mark upgrades, you can view our Make your Mark Tracker

Make Your Mark FC 24 Team 1

There is a total of 30 new cards as part of the Make Your Mark promo with 21 items coming from EURO 2024 nations and the remaining nine coming from Copa America nations. The cards are rated between 91 and 97. Some of these cards have four PlayStyles+ which is something we haven’t seen so far this game cycle.

Below are three of the best cards from the promo:

Virgil Van Dijk (97): If you thought Van Dijk’s TOTS card was good, think again! The best centre-back in the game just got better as Van Dijk gets a 97-rated Make Your Mark Card with an amazing four PlayStyles+. Van Dijk’s PlayStyles+ are Anticipate+, Slide Tackle+, Long Ball Pass+ and Block+. He also has 96 defending, 94 physical and 93 pace. With the potential of Virgil’s Make Your Mark card going to 99-rated, could this be the best centre-back ever?

Alexis Mac Allister (96): We have another Liverpool player here with a massive four PlayStyles+! Mac Allister doesn’t have a base stat under 90-rated with his highest rated face stat being 97-dribbling. His four PlayStyles+ are Tiki Taka+, Intercept+, Press Proven+ Pinged Pass+. This card could become 98-rated which would make Mac Allister would of the best midfield options in the game.

Rafael Leao (96): We’ve reached that time of year when insane cards are coming out thick and fast, and Leao is no exception! Leao has a total of ten 99-rated in-game stats including 99 sprint speed, 99 finishing and 99 agility. The AC Milan winger has 4* skills and a 5* weak foot and his four PlayStyles+ include Finesse Shot+, Long Ball Pass+, Trickster+ and Chip Shot+.

New Evolutions in FC 24

Similar to last week, we received a Festival of Football Academy Midfielders pack to put into four new evolutions which are COPA Midfielders 1 and 2 and also EURO Midfielders 1 and 2. These give big boosts to the academy cards and give them three PlayStyles+ including Quick Step+, First Touch+ and Technical+. To view the upgraded stats for this evolution and to look at all of the current evolutions, click here: https://www.futwiz.com/en/fc24/evolutions

New SBCs in FC 24

EA gave us five news SBCs today including three new player SBCs. Xavi Simons’ Make Your Mark card is obtainable by completing four segments which are an 89-rated squad, an 88-rated squad with a TOTS/TOTW, an 87-rated squad with a Bundesliga player and a TOTS/TOTW and finally an 86-rated squad with one player from The Netherlands.

We also got a new Showdown SBC for the COPA America match-up between Argentina and Canada. Representing Argentina is Leandro Paredes who requires an 87-rated squad with a TOTS/TOTW and an 86-rated squad with an Argentinian and a TOTS/TOTW. For Canada, Kamal Miller’s showdown card can be obtained for an 84-rated squad with a TOTS/TOTW.

The other two new SBCs are the Make Your Mark Daily Challenge for a Rare Gold Pack and the return of the 78+ x3 Best of Nations Upgrade.

New Objectives in FC 24

Six new objectives were added to the game today as the Daily Play and Daily Play Completionist objective returned which rewards you with a wide range of different packs. The player objective this week was Make Your Mark Pascal Gross who can be gathered in a minimum of six games. There is also the Flashback Icon Home and Away XP objectives which give out XP to those who have purchased and wear the Flashback Icon Home and Away kits. Finally, there is an EURO Throwbacks objective which once completed gives you an 87+ x2 pack. These are puzzle objectives where you need to work out which player/nation/team to use in order to complete them