Triple Threat Ginola Player Review

Post time 07/03/2024 07:00pm 07/03/2024 07:00pm by kimpembro | Ultimate Team



  • Incredible Finishing with Both Feet - Ginola has great shooting, and when you add in that he has a 5* weak foot this means he has incredible finishing with both feet, making him lethal in front of goal with either his left or right foot.

  • Great Pace - He has great pace, with 92 Acceleration and 90 Sprint Speed you can really feel his pace.

  • 5* Skill Moves - He also has 5* skill moves which are very useful to have for an attacker, it allows you to add a variety of skills to your attacking plays.

  • Technical PlayStyle+ - He has the Technical PlayStyle+, and what this means is that his controlled sprint dribbling is incredible, it is quick and responsive and allows him to glide past defenders with ease.

  • Power Shot & Rapid PlayStyles - He also has the Power Shot and Rapid PlayStyles, both are very good for an attacker.

  • Hero Chemistry - Finally, as he is a hero he provides the squad hero chemistry and is always on full chemistry himself providing he is in the correct starting position.


  • Expensive - 2.9 million coins for a player is a lot, however we are at a stage in the game where elite tier players come with an elite tier price tag and this is the case with Ginola. Also, there are lots of ways to generate SBC fodder to complete this card so and he is there for 60 days so this is something you can work towards.

  • Low Balance (76) - Ginola has quite a low Balance attribute, only being at 76, and as he is quite tall as you would expect he can feel slightly heavy on the ball at times if you try to do too much with him.


Team Used

In Game Formation – 4-1-2-1-2 (2)

Position Played: Striker

Chemistry Style Used: Hunter

Recommended Position: Striker

Recommended Chemistry Style: Hunter


5* WF Attackers

Base Icon Cruyff – 2.7m

Cruyff is also 5*/5* so there is a lot of similarities here, I would say that Cruyff is a better CAM with Ginola being the Better ST.

Centurions Icon Eusebio – 4.2m

Eusebio is an incredible finisher, and on par or slightly better than Ginola, however Ginola has other qualities such as better aerial ability and 5* skill moves..

Thunderstruck Icon Dalglish – 1.8m

Dalglish is a similar to Eusebio in the way that he is a incredible finisher, but Ginola has a lot more to his game with his skill moves, passing and aerial ability.

Winter Wildcard Icon Drogba – 1.1m

Drogba is more suited as a target man role as he has great physicality and aerial ability, however overall Ginola offers more from an attacking perspective.


Ginola is an elite attacker, and because of this he comes with a large price tag that you have to pay for these types of players.

When using him he always seems to find a way to score and with his Technical PlayStyle+ dribbling he glides past defenders. The good thing about him is his ability to score different types of goals, as he is 5*/5* he can score with either foot but also he is good in the air so can score headers too.

Yes he is expensive, but he is not overpriced, 2.9 million coins for a player is a lot, however we are at a stage in the game where elite tier players come with an elite tier price tag.

With all the ways in which you can generate fodder and you have 60 days to complete the SBC, I would say he was well worth the grind. It’s a SPEND!