The best players for Triple Threat Attacker Evolution

Post time 13/11/2023 01:10pm 13/11/2023 01:10pm by kimpembro | Ultimate Team

EA have released a brand new evolution and we are going to cover everything you need to know about it, including who are the most popular players to evolve as well as some players who are worth checking out and to finish it off a few bonus evolution combinations which combine multiple evolutions chained together.

Firstly, the cost of this evolution is 50,000 coins or 1,000 FC points, and the evolution expires in 4 weeks’ time.

The requirements and the upgrades which your player will receive are as follows:

As you can see, there is no position requirement for this evolution meaning you are free to choose any player from any position who fits these requirements, giving you added freedom on who you can choose.

The most popular choices for this evolution are:

Serge Gnabry

Gnabry has lots of good qualities, he is 4*4* with great links and also being 84 rated he goes to the highest overall possible which is 87.

Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku is also 84 rated so he also goes to the highest overall possible which is 87, again he also has good links but the +5 Pace and the +5 shooting are really beneficial here.

Dominik Szoboszlai

Szoboszlai is a popular choice for a few reasons, the main one being his gold card is actually very good already, plus he has the Dead Ball PlayStyle+ which is one of the better playstyles to have. Also, he is 4*4* and with great links, the only issue being is he can only play CAM.

Here are a few other players that are worth checking out:

Alessia Russo

Russo gets a really nice boost to the key attacking areas, by improving her shooting and dribbling by +5 and her overall by +3 she becomes a very good card. Also, she has an alternative position of CAM which adds an element of versatility to your squad building.

Christian Eriksen

Eriksen is an interesting one as at first glance he is a little slow, but the extra pace boost he gets helps, the main benefits to this card are he has the 5* weak foot and the Incisive Pass PlayStyle+ which for a CAM is incredible, so he is well worth a look at.

And finally, here are a few evolution combinations which are worth checking out:

Alassane Plea

Plea’s 81 rated inform can be evolved into an 87 rated striker if you take him through two evolutions, this gives him a really well rounded boost in all of his attacking areas, this is definitely an evolution worth looking in to if you can fit him in your team.

Mason Mount

Mount’s 81 rated card can be evolved into an 87 rated player if you take him through two evolutions, and once you have completed that you have a very well rounded attacking centre midfielder, again this is another evolution which I think is worth looking at.

These are just a few possibilities of who you can put into the new Triple Threat Evolution, there are plenty other options available and if you want to see them, simply click the link here and have a look for yourself.