The Best Players for the Golden Glow Up Evolution

Post time 08/03/2024 06:00pm 08/03/2024 06:00pm by kimpembro | Ultimate Team

EA have released a brand new evolution and we are going to cover everything you need to know about it, including who are the most popular players to evolve as well as a few honourable mentions.

Here is some key info about the evolution:

  • Cost: 100k / 500 FC Points

  • Start By Date: 3 Weeks

  • Expiration Date: 4 Weeks

  • Minimum Number of Games to Complete: 9 Games

The requirements and the upgrades which your player will receive are as follows:

Requirements: The main thing to note about the requirement is that the player cannot be over 72 rated or have more than one PlayStyle+.

Upgrades: The player receives a substantial boost to each base stat, and they receive the Incisive Pass PlayStyle+.

The most popular choices for this evolution are:

Mathys Tel

Tel is one of the most popular choices, he is 4* SM and 4* WF from a good club and nation, he has good pace and finishing. He is definitely a solid attacking option.

The negatives about this card is he has low stamina, reactions and composure.

Romain Alessandrini

Alessandrini is a fan favourite within FUT and this evolution has given people an opportunity to take his 71 rated card to an 89 rated. He has 4* SM and 4* WF, with good pace, shooting and passing, however the best thing about the card is the 95 Agility and 94 Balance.

The main negatives with this card is that he has low strength and also has low stamina. I think low stamina is a bit of a trend with this evolution.

Jarrad Branthwaite

Branthwaite is a popular choice, he has perfect work rates for a CB and has a 5* WF. He has good pace with a combination of very good defending and physical attributes.

The negatives with this card is the extremely low agility and balance, and he has zero defensive playstyles.

A few honourable mentions:

Radu Dragusin

Dragusin is an honourable mention, he has good work rates for a CB and is 6’3” with good defending and physicality which makes him a good option for those who need a CB from the premier league, however he is mainly for Tottenham fans.

The main negatives with this card is the low dribbling, however the more concerning negative it the 76 Defensive Awareness.

Stefan Bajcetic

Bajcetic gets an honourable mention, this is mainly due to his popularity. He has quite a well-rounded with good work rates (M/H) for a CDM, he also has good club and nation links.

There are a few negatives with this card, he is only 3* SM and 3* WF and has quite low agility and balance and also has low strength.

Kimpmebro’s Conclusion

This is a really good evolution for people who want to bring some of their favourite more unknown players to a useable level, however it’s not a must do in my opinion. The large boost to the OVR also hampers the possibility of chaining players into future evolutions.

There are some good options here, and if you still have your Founders evolutions you can find some really good evolution combination, however I am sure many people have used this evolution by now.

If I was to recommended anyone from a ‘meta’ perspective I would choose Tel or Alessandrini, however me personally will likely do Dragusin as he has more of an interest to me as he plays for Spurs.

These are just a few possibilities of who you can put into the new Golden Glow Up evolution, there are plenty other options available and if you want to see them, simply click the link here and have a look for yourself.