The best players for Relentless Winger II Evolution

Post time 19/11/2023 01:00pm 19/11/2023 01:00pm by kimpembro | Ultimate Team

EA have released a brand new evolution and we are going to cover everything you need to know about it, including who are the most popular players to evolve as well as some players who are worth checking out and to finish it off a few bonus evolution combinations which combine multiple evolutions chained together.

Firstly, the cost of this evolution is free to complete and the evolution expires in 4 weeks’ time.

The requirements and the upgrades which your player will receive are as follows:

As you can see, there is a position requirement for this evolution, this position is RW. Eligible players must have either a main or alternative position of RW.

The most popular choices for this evolution are:

Leon Bailey

Bailey is currently one of the most popular choices, the reason for this being he going to 94 Pace, has 4* skill moves and H/L work rates. If you then add to the fact he plays in the Premier League you can see why he is such a popular choice.

Naomie Feller

Feller is also one of the more popular choices, she goes to 95 Pace with 88 dribbling, but also being French and from Real Madrid she is very good for links. The main issue with the item is she only has 3* skill moves.

Noni Madueke

Madueke is also a popular choice, despite only having a 77 bade card meaning he would only go to an 83 overall, he will have 94 pace with 89 dribbling, 4* skill moves and weak foot and is also from the Premier League so he has very good links.

Here are a few other players that are worth checking out:

Ridle Baku

Baku gets an honourable mention due to his versatility, his base card is a right back meaning he has good defensive attributes, when you put him through the evolution you boost the attacking side of his card making him a very good option for a defensive right midfielder .

Jeremy Doku

Doku also gets an honourable mention as if you put him through this evolution he is nearly as good as his 85 TOTW card which is currently 110K. A quick winger with 4* skill moves from the Premier League is always desirable..

And finally, here are a few evolution combinations which are worth checking out:

Cole Palmer

Palmer only goes to a 79 overall if you put him through 3 different evolutions, however the attributes on the card exceed the overall rating. He is a Premier League CAM with 4* skill moves and weak foot, and also likely to be eligible for future evolutions.

Tom Ince

Ince is another silver card, his 72 rated card can be taken all the way to an 84 when put through 3 different evolutions. He isn’t necessarily the best 84 rated card we have, but he was worth a mention and could also be upgraded further down the line.

These are just a few possibilities of who you can put into the new Relentless Winger II, there are plenty other options available and if you want to see them, simply click the link here and have a look for yourself.