Team of the Year Honourable Mentions

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Team of the Year Honourable Mentions have now entered packs to join both the full TOTY XIs in FC24. Honourable Mentions cards are given to players who had an exceptional 2023, but just missed out on the Team of the Year eleven. They’ve received boosted stats and have been rewarded for their consistent good performances across the past year.

Team of the Year Honourable Mentions Ranking

You can see the full list of TOTY Honourable Mentions on FUTWIZ!

1.Vini Jr (92): This card is near identical to his thunderstruck item apart from the fact that Vini Jr’s TOTY HM has 2 PlayStyles+. Vini has Trickster+ as well as the Quick Step+. His stats are also incredible as he has 98 pace, 93 dribbling and 86 shooting, which makes him one of the best wingers in the game. The Real Madrid winger has 5* skills and a 4* weak foot which is brilliant.

2.Mohamed Salah (92): Mo Salah has been upgraded to 4* 4* which is huge news and gives this card a massive benefit compared to his 2 other 92 rated cards. Similar to Vini Jr, he has 2 PlayStyles+ as he has obtained Flair+ as well as Finesse Shot+. This card will be pricey due to his insane stats such as 92 pace and 91 shooting and dribbling.

3.Federico Valverde (90): Valverde’s card is really good, and he doesn’t have a face stat lower than 83 which is brilliant for a midfielder. Again, he has 2 PlayStyles+ with Rapid+ and Relentless+. Some of his best in-game stats include 93 sprint speed, 91 stamina, 91 reactions and 91 shot power. However, this card is completely identical to his radioactive version. Saying this, the radioactive version gives better chemistry, but it doesn’t have 2 PlayStyles+ unlike Valverde’s TOTY HM, so it will be interesting to see the price of both.

4.Kadidiatou Diani (92): Again like the previous TOTY HM, Diani has an identical card, but the 2 PlayStyles+ make the difference. Diani has really good PlayStyles+ with Trivela+ and Whipped Pass+ which are great. She’s also 4* 4* with tremendous stats including 92 pace, 88 shooting, 87 passing and 91 dribbling. This is a brilliant winger for your team!

5.Kim Min Jae (89): Only the one PlayStyle+ here for Kim Min Jae, but what a phenomenal centre-back card this is. The Bayern Munich defender has 86 pace and 90 defending and physical which is very good. Kim Min Jae has the Aerial+ PlayStyle, meaning he’ll be a threat from corners.

6.Jamal Musiala (91): Another Bayern Munich player here as Musiala gets a well-deserved Team of the Year Honourable Mention. Musiala can play CAM, CM and LM and his stats are suited for all of these positions as he is very well-rounded. Some key stand outs from his card include 5* skills, 90 pace and 95 dribbling.

7.Trent Alexander-Arnold: After missing out on the 12th man TOTY, Trent gets himself a TOTY HM and this card is very interesting as he has alternate positions of CDM and CM which makes this card even more appealing. Trent has also now gathered the Whipped Pass+ PlayStyle which is great. He is also very well-rounded which makes him an excellent card.

8.Bernardo Silva (91): Bernardo Silva has another identical card to his thunderstruck, apart from his 2 PlayStyles+ which are Incisive Pass+ and Technical+. Another difference is his new alternative positions which are LB, RM as well as RW. However, I wouldn’t recommend playing his anywhere apart from CM as his stats are best suited for there. Bernardo’s dribbling stats in particular are exceptional.

9.Harry Kane (93): Kane has 2 PlayStyles+ with First Touch+ and Power Shot+ which will be unreal alongside his incredible shooting stats. The Englishman also has gone up to 4* skills to coexist with his 5* weak foot which is ideal for a striker. However, he is still quite slow with only 80 pace which will make him quite cheap and feel heavy in-game.

10.Olga Carmona (88): This isn’t a bad card by any means, but it just isn’t on the calibre of some of the other TOTY HMs hence why Carmona is placed so low. She does have some good stats such as her 92 pace and 88 dribbling and a new PlayStyle+ which is Relentless+. Saying this, she will need a chemistry style to boost her defensive and physical stats.

11.Ederson (90): Ederson is a good keeper, but goalkeepers are always the cheapest and the least desirable players of any promo. He’ll most likely be the most packed blue over the next week. He’s not awful, but just not desirable.

What’s in Packs in FC24

Both the full Men’s TOTY team and the Women’s TOTY team are in packs until 6pm on Friday 2nd February.

Team of the Year Honourable Mentions have also been added to packs for the same duration.

The 12th man and women winners (Cristiano Ronaldo and Alexandra Popp) have also been added to packs until February 2nd.

TOTY Icons are also expected to make a return on Sunday.