Premier League Team of The Season in FC 24

Premier League Team of the Season has arrived in FC 24, as we have entered the second week of TOTS. Live TOTS are now out of packs and have been replaced by the Premier League TOTS team, the WSL TOTS and an additional set of mixed leagues TOTS cards. That’s not all though, as there are also some TOTS Moments obtainable in packs. There is loads of new content to explore including brand-new evolutions, SBCs and more!

Premier League TOTS

The first specific league Team of the Season is now obtainable and as expected, the Premier League is the first up. Similar to some of the Live TOTS cards, all of the Premier League TOTS players, except Alisson, have three PlayStyles+ which makes these cards even more desirable. There are 15 Prem TOTS available right now with three of the best being:

Erling Haaland (97): If you thought Haaland’s TOTY card was good, think again! As well as Power Shot+ and Aerial+, Haaland has now gained Rapid+. The Manchester City striker has also got near-perfect 99 shooting as well as 97 pace and physical and 92 dribbling.

Virgil Van Dijk (97): The best centre-back in the game just got even better. Van Dijk has 92 pace, 97 dribbling and 94 physical to go along with the three PlayStyles+ of Jockey+, Long Ball Pass+ and Anticipate+. Good luck getting past him!

Mohamed Salah (95): Salah’s TOTS Card is amazing as he has 5* skills and a 4* weak foot. Not only this, but his 3 PlayStyles+ are brilliant as the Egyptian has Finesse Shot+, Technical+ and First Touch+. Salah’s key stats are exceptional as he has 95 pace, shooting and dribbling.


To go alongside the Premier League TOTS, we have our first-ever women’s league TOTS as the WSL has been awarded their Team of the Season cards. Similarly to the Prem TOTS, all of these cards, bar the keeper, have three PlayStyles+. There are only eight WSL TOTS in packs with the two best cards being:

Lauren James (97): Easily the best card of the bunch, James is 5* 5* and has incredible stats. Her PlayStyles+ also match the stats as she has Finesse Shot+, Rapid+ and Trickster+. James is one of the best cards in the game, so she’ll likely be expensive!

Lauren Hemp (95): Hemp is an exceptional card that also has 5* skills. The Manchester City winger has 99 pace, 96 dribbling and 90 shooting. Her PlayStyles+ include Quick Step+, Whipped Pass+ and Tiki Taka+ which are all very good.

TOTS Moments

We’ve already a TOTS moments card in season progress as Kobbie Mainoo is available at level 20, but now there are a select few in packs as well. 11 of these items have been added to the pack pool with a multitude of players from the Premier League, WSL and mixed leagues squads. All of these cards also have three PlayStyles+. The three below are some of the best cards from each team:

Kevin De Bruyne (96): Even though De Bruyne’s TOTS is the same rating as his TOTY, his TOTS Moments’ stats are considerably better. The Belgian has Pinged Pass+, Incisive Pass+ and Long Ball Pass+ which are great PlayStyles+ for a central midfielder.

Sam Kerr (96): Another player who was awarded a TOTY card previously in the game, Sam Kerr has got a very nice TOTS Moments card. She has 96 dribbling and shooting as well as 94 pace. Her three PlayStyles+ are Rapid+, Power Shot+ and Acrobatic+.

N’Golo Kante (94): Kante has been one of the most popular cards over the years, so it’s no surprise that this card is expensive. Kante has an incredible card with 90 pace and 94 defending as well as his boosted 4* skills and weak foot. His chosen PlayStyles+ are Intercept+, Relentless+ and Anticipate+.

Mixed League TOTS

If you thought there couldn’t be any more TOTS in packs, think again! There are an additional eight TOTS from the mixed league that have been added. Some of these players have three PlayStyles+ whilst the others only have two. The best card from the team is 94-rated Angel Di-Maria

New Evolutions

There was one new evolution today as we got a free evolution called “Premier League TOTS”. This doesn’t involve a current Premier League TOTS though, but turns another Premier League player, who follows the requirements into a TOTS Moments card. To see the full list of requirements and eligible players, click here:

New SBCs

We were treated with lots of SBC content today as we got four new players to complete. Two TOTS items are now craftable with Julian Alvarez and Katie McCabe findable in the players tab. There were also two new Showdown players for the eLigue 1 Grand finals. The player for FC Lorient is Isaak Toure and the player for OL is Henrique. Another two SBCs were added with the return of the Daily TOTS Challenge and also a twist on the 77+ Double Upgrade as for the next week the only packable players out of it are Premier League or WSL players.

New Objectives

Finally, after a day filled with brand-new content, we got three new objectives. Aston Villa’s Douglas Luiz has earned himself a TOTS card and he can now be completed in a minimum of ten games. There’s also a Premier League TOTS Daily Play and Daily Play Completionist which earns you a multitude of packs and a Guaranteed TOTS pack once completed.