Market Outlook 13.10.21

Post time 13/10/2021 01:41pm 13/10/2021 01:41pm by TygrrFUT | Guides

Welcome to a new weekly series!

Starting from this week, every Wednesday I’ll be talking about what’s to come for the market over the coming days, what to expect in relation to different promo releases and recommend you some potential trading moves. Let’s get started!

New Promo this weekend?

There has been a lot of speculation over the past days about if we will see a new Promo be released this Friday. With Ones to Watch ending abruptly today, it begs the question - will we?

Normally all Promos end on a Friday and then get replaced, this time it’s slightly different. Ones to Watch Team 2 goes out of packs today rather than Friday. In my opinion this only means one thing - a Promo is to be released this weekend and potentially be teased or an in-game loading screen be shown before then.

As to what the Promo might be, there’s some speculation it could be Rulebreakers. A repeat of last year. However, a return of the very popular Scream Promo is gaining traction. In my opinion it should be one of those two IF a Promo is to come this Friday.

What does this means for the market and what can I do to make some coins?

First of all, the days prior to a promo are very crucial for the market. If we see the new Promo teased online or in-game via a loading screen, there should be some panic happening on select cards:

  • High-tier meta Gold cards
  • Usable Special cards (TOTW/OTW)
  • Icons

Personally, I’m making sure to not hold any cards into 6PM UK content time tonight or tomorrow by getting all of my trades sold during the day. If the panic does start, usually the first 1-2h after a loading screen are the heaviest where you’ll find the largest drops in prices. Here’s where you can either pick up some cards for your team or look to buy some for trading purposes.

If you see massive % drops in the select card types I mentioned previously, it won’t be a bad idea to pick some up! In this case, Gold cards should rebound, however, only temporarily. Remember that they keep getting supplied at all times and will during Promos which means their prices are continuously impacted by new pack supply. On the other hand, out of pack Special cards like TOTW 1/2 should maintain a more steady price afterwards.

I recommend you to keep an eye on the following cards:



All 6 of those cards are no longer supplied and are consider very meta. If you spot sizeable drops in prices, make sure to consider buying them in the initial panic and then selling once they rise back up.

Another interesting option for the folks on higher budgets are Icons. Same principle as the Special cards. If there’s drops in prices - buy and they will rebound going into the night. This is what I’m looking at the closest.

Make sure to use FUTWIZ to your advantage and follow along what is happening to the market at all times. Especially for Icons, this is very easy via the Market Tab:

You can see the graph line of the last 24h and a market index updating in real time! Also, every card is listed with a % change compared to yesterday. During panic, scroll to the bottom of the list of cards to see -% colored in red. Those will be the cards to look out for and potentially pick up for a nice rebound and some profit later on!

Check every cards graph and Sold Prices to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

That’s about all for today, let’s see what happens over the next days and I hope you all are a lot more prepared for whatever the scenario might be!

Until next time, happy trading!

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