Ligue 1 TOTS in FC 24

It’s a new week which means a new set of Team of the Season cards have been released in FC 24, and this week, the featured league is Ligue 1! Alongside the French League TOTS, we’ve also had the release of the D1 Arkema (French Women’s League) TOTS, which have been added to the pack pool. There is loads more to explore across SBCs, evolutions and objectives in FC 24!

Ligue 1 TOTS

15 new Ligue 1 TOTS are now in packs with all the cards available, except the goalkeeper, having three PlayStyles+. The cards range from 97-rated to 90-rated. All of these cards, and the Ligue 1 TOTS moments cards, will be obtainable in Champions red picks as well as in the store. The three cards below are some of the best cards accessible:

Kylian Mbappe (97): Comfortably one of the best cards in the game, Mbappe’s TOTS is better than his TOTY card due to the extra PlayStyle+ and the slightly higher stats. You can expect this card to be near extinct on the market due to how outstanding Mbappe’s TOTS is. The Frenchman has 99 pace, 97 shooting and 98 dribbling. His three PlayStyles+ are Technical+, Rapid+ and First Touch+.

Ousmane Dembele (96): Again, this will be an extremely expensive card. Dembele is 5* 5* with stats such as 99 pace, 94 shooting and 97 dribbling. He can play RW, LW and RM which will make him even more desirable now that he can play both sides. Dembele’s PlayStyles+ are Finesse Shot+, Rapid+ and Pinged Pass+.

Warren Zaire-Emery (95): Zaire-Emery is one of the few cards in the game with all face stats above 90-rated. The PSG man can play anywhere on the pitch, but his official positions are CM and CDM. Zaire-Emery also has 5* skills and a 4* weak foot. His three PlayStyles+ are Intercept+, First Touch+ and Technical+.

D1 Arkema TOTS

There are eight new D1 Arkema TOTS ranging from 97-rated to 91-rated. Again, like the Ligue 1 TOTS, all of these cards, excluding the goalkeeper, have three PlayStyles+. Also, different from the Ligue 1 TOTS, four of these cards are TOTS Plus items which makes them easier to link. The two below are some of the better D1 Arkema TOTS cards:

Sakina Karchaoui (97): This is an exceptional card and one of the best left-backs available. Karchaoui has 5* skills, a 4* weak foot and extremely well-rounded stats that include 99 pace, 97 dribbling and 92 pace. Her PlayStyles+ are Rapid+, Whipped Pass+ and Block+.

Tabitha Chawinga (96): Chawinga has cemented herself as a very viable option up top with this TOTS card. Chawinga is 5* 5* with incredible stats such as 97 pace, 94 dribbling and 93 shooting. Together with this, and her PlayStyles+ of Finesse Shot+, Trickster+ and Quick Step+, she will be an expensive card.

New TOTS Moments cards

To go with the new TOTS cards, there are 11 new TOTS Moments cards in packs with eight of these coming from Ligue 1 and three of these coming from D1 Arkema. Again, all of these items have three PlayStyles+. The two below are the best from both of the leagues:

Wendie Renard (95): There is a theme with TOTS cards being better than TOTY, and Renard is no exception. She is an excellent defender with 97 defending and is a tall centre-back at 6’2”. Her PlayStyles+ include Anticipate+, Aerial+ and Block+.

Khephren Thuram (94): Here is another card that joins the club of all face stats being above 90-rated! Thuram is extremely well-rounded and is an excellent choice in the midfield. He has 4* skills and a 5* weak foot with his three PlayStyles+ being Pinged Pass+, Relentless+ and Tika Taka+.

New Evolutions available

We were delivered a free evolution today which is “TOTS Plus Upgrade”. This gives a +1 overall boost, a +2 boost to shooting, passing and dribbling and a +1 to defending, pace and physical. To see the full list of eligible players and to see other evolutions in FC 24, click here:

New SBCs

Added to the SBCs tab today were two new player SBCs. The first was TOTS Diani which requires five squads including a 90-rated squad. The second player was Flashback Moussa Sissoko who is slightly cheaper and only requires four squads. Alongside this, we got two other pack-based SBCs with the return of the daily TOTS Challenge and the 78+ Double Upgrade which has been altered to Ligue 1 and D1 Arkema cards only.

New Objectives

Four new objectives have been added today including a double player objective to gain TOTS Minamino and Benyahia which will take a minimum of ten matches. As expected, there is also a Ligue 1 TOTS Daily Play and Daily Play Completionist objective which rewards you with multiple packs including a TOTS guarantee pack. Finally, we have “Explore Ultimate Team 2” which is aimed at newer players of the game and includes objectives such as “Assist 10 goals with a through ball”. These give out a range of packs.