Level Up Team 2 Tierlist

Post time 14/07/2023 09:00pm 14/07/2023 09:00pm by kimpembro | Reviews

Level Up Team 2 is here, with two stand out cards and a wide variety of cards to choose from. Raul Jiminez is an objective which once you complete him you can choose between 1 of 3 cards, all of which have different dynamic images (the attributes are the same), which I think is a nice addition.

This tier list will be based off of the levelled up versions of the card, and it’s important to note this tier list is based solely off of the information available, I have not tried any of these players in game.


  • Leon Goretzka (98)

    • Goretzka has had his skill moves upgraded to 4* which was always a major weak point for him, and this card is simply incredible, it is so well rounded he can play pretty much anywhere you want.

  • Rafael Varane (97)

    • Varane is always extremely meta in game, his 94 rated card was among the best in the game for a while and this boost to a 97 will put him back among them, he also now has a 5* weak foot which was upgraded from 4*.

  • Gabriel Martinelli (96)

    • Martinelli has been given a skill move upgrade to 5* which is why he sits in the God Tier, he has maximum pace with near maxed out dribbling and a Lean body type so he should feel amazing on the ball.

  • Aurélien Tchouaméni (96)

    • Tchouaméni looks incredible, perfect work rates and size to be one of the best CDMs in the game. My only minor issue with the card is he only has 3* skill moves.


  • Ferrán Torres (94)

    • Torres is this week’s SBC player and his card looks superb, he has a Lean body type with great dribbling and 5* skill moves, he definitely looks to be a great addition to anyone’s squad.

  • Darwin Nunez (93)

    • A 5*5* Nunez will be a beast in game, he has great pace and physicality so should fit the meta really well.

  • Youcef Atal (93)

    • Atal is always very meta in game and this card looks no different, he will definitely be one of the best RBs in the game, it is just a shame they did not give him 5* skill moves. He also has premium chemistry which is a huge bonus.


  • Domenico Berardi (94)

    • Berardi has been given a nice upgrade, he is 5* skill moves and 5* weak foot, which I guess means he could be considered for Top Tier, however his attributes are just on the low 90s whereas those in the Top Tier are higher.

  • Raúl Jiménez (94)

    • Jimenez is this week’s objective player, he has a good card, looks to be a physical striker with a 5* weak foot.


  • Caio Henrique (94)

    • Maybe Meh Tier is a bit unfair here, he is very quick with High/High work rates and 5* skill moves so he looks to be a pretty good left back, maybe I find him Meh as there are much better options already out.

  • Tiago Djaló (93)

    • Djalo sits in the Meh Tier for me as it feels like we already have a ton of CBs who are cheap and as good, if not better than him. However saying that, he does look a very solid CB and I expect him to be very affordable.

  • Pierre Kalulu (93)

    • Kalulu is similar to Djalo, there really isn’t much about this card that we don’t already have at an affordable price so for me he is just a bit Meh.

  • Donyell Malen (93)

    • Maybe a bit harsh on Malen to be in the Meh tier as he does have 5* skill moves and good pace but overall he really doesn’t offer much more than we already have at a cheaper price.