How do Future Stars Evolutions Work

Post time 09/02/2024 06:00pm 09/02/2024 06:00pm by kimpembro | Ultimate Team

EA have released a brand new evolution (Future Stars Academy Evolution) and we are going to cover everything you need to know about it.

Firstly, there is a limited selection of players to choose from for this evolution, the only players who are eligible are those that are found in the Future Stars Academy Pack.

What are these Future Stars Academy Packs and how do you get them?

There are 3 Future Stars Academy packs that every player will receive upon logging in (the day of the specific position evolution release), these are Attackers, Midfielders and Defenders.

Each of these packs contain a set of players which can be used for the evolution, it is important to note that these packs are identical for every person, so you are all given the same choice of who you wish to evolve.

How to start the evolution?

Just like any evolution, once you have chosen a player you wish to evolve you simply go to the Evolution section within game and start the evolution.

What boosts does this Future Stars Academy Evolution give?

For this example we are going to be using the 82 Brobbey item that is found in the Attackers Future Stars Academy Pack.

In order to fully complete the evolution there are 3 levels to complete, and like all previous evolutions each level has a set of in game objectives required to complete in order to complete that specific level.

The boosts which you receive and how to best utilise these boosts in game are as follows:

  • Level 1 - The item receives a +2 OVR, taking the item to an 84 OVR and also receives a Chip Shot PlayStyle.
    • The best way to utilise this is when through on goal you will now have more success at any chip shots that you attempt, giving more consistency within these types of finishes.
  • Level 2 - The item receives a +3 OVR, taking the item to an 87 OVR, a +1 to Skill Moves and also receives a Power Header PlayStyle+.
    • There are varied ways to utilise these, the +1 to Skill Moves allows you to execute skill moves which were not previously possible at Level 1, and the Power Header PlayStyle+ gives you variety in that Brobbey becomes more of an aerial threat allowing you to get wide and aim those crosses to him for those headed goals.
  • Level 3 - The item receives a +3 OVR, taking the item to an 90 OVR and also receives the Acrobatic PlayStyle+. Also, an additional bonus is that this level also grants the player Full Chemistry, meaning as long as the player is in one of their main or alternative positions they will get full chemistry.
    • Similar to Level 2, to utilise the Acrobatic PlayStyle+ you have the option to get wide and cross to utilise those unique acrobatic volley animations. Also, as the player receives full chemistry you are not limited to choosing players based on their league, so this gives you much more freedom when choosing your player.

If you want to see a full list of all players eligible for the new Future Stars Academy Attackers evolution you find them here.

How many times can you complete this evolution?

You can complete the Future Stars Academy Attackers evolution twice.

When is the Future Stars Academy Midfielders/Defenders evolution being released?

There is no confirmed date for these yet, however once they do you will receive the specific Future Stars Academy Pack with all of the eligible players in.

That is a brief overview of the new Future Stars Academy Evolutions, if there is anything else you wish to know please reach out to us on our socials and we will always be happy to help.[