The patch to end all patches is here! So how does it stack up?

Post time 29/11/2018 09:26pm 29/11/2018 09:26pm by Goran drpoplove Popovic | FUT FM Podcast

Hello comrades, we have entered a new era of FIFA 19!


That’s right, defending has been tweaked in the new patch and the community is starting to adapt already. So how does this affect the gameplay? Tune in below to find out!



How Does The New Patch Affect Gameplay?


What’s important to remember is that FIFA 19 was designed with the idea of giving lots of different tools to the player so that they can make more key decisions around their style of play.


With the new patch, Valerio feels that this design philosophy has been peeled back.


What it boils down to is that the long range finesse shot has replaced the FIFA 18 low driven shot as the #1 way of scoring. Then it got very sightly nerfed, and now it’s back to being really good due to a ripple effect from the current patch.


Valerio’s not a fan of the new patch because he feels that it actually imbalances the game.


He feels that current defending mechanics are not good enough to be effective, so reducing AI usefulness actually makes defending unimportant to the game.


Now a football game obviously boils down to who scores the most goals, but when the score lines are something ridiculous like 7- 6, it’s a sign that the game is not tuned in a balanced way.


Keep in mind that Valerio’s experience with the game is with the best players. He’s in D1 and competes every weekend against top pros, so you might think that this isn’t relevant to a more casual player. However, balanced video games are typically tuned for extreme users; the ones who barely play and the ones who barely stop playing. This is done in order to figure out what each type of player wants out of the game. So an imbalance for one group of players will cause an imbalance for others as well.


As for me, at the time of recording I was not able to play the patch. At the time of this writing, I have about 12 matches completed. It’s a little too early for me to give detailed thoughts, but my first impression is that people at my skill level are completely exposed in defense now. I skyrocketed through rivals last night and at this rate I’ll be a D1 player by next week.


But the thing is, I’m not really truly at that skill level right now. Anyway, I’ll have more to say on the next episode!


Anyway comrades, that’s all for this week, thanks for tuning! Don’t forget to Red Bull’s 7th top gaming podcast on Apple Podcasts/Google/Spotify so you don’t miss the latest episode.

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