Black Friday is over, but the FIFA party stops for no one.

Post time 27/11/2018 08:14pm 27/11/2018 08:14pm by Goran drpoplove Popovic | FUT FM Podcast

Hey comrades, we officially live in a post Black Friday world for FIFA 19!


Let’s dig into what that means.



Profit Profit Profit


I walked away from this past weekend with about 600k profit. Not bad!


Now obviously there are many better traders than me out there, but this is sort of the first year I took things seriously on that front, with the help of FUTCompanion (be sure to listen above for their latest market report!).


The thing is, I didn’t find any of the Black Friday SBCs very interesting. Valerio did a few and didn’t get any great pulls.


I continue to love the concept of a squad building challenge, but it’s very rare that the rewards justify the team you’re submitting. This weekend wasn’t terrible in that regard, but time and time again we’ve seen SBCs get used to clear up the market and push it in a specific direction.


It’s just not a very engaging part of the game for someone like myself and Valerio, whose primary interests lie in gameplay.


So as a result, we didn’t really “participate” in Black Friday this year. We did sell most of our SBC materials for a decent profit, but in the grand scheme of things we’re not that much closer to major squad upgrades either.


4231 Inconsistency


One thing that I’ve especially noticed is how inconsistent I can be against the 4231.


Sometimes, I’ll crush it with ease using a 3atb formation, or 4222, or even 433 (4). But other times, it’ll feel like the pitch is completely covered and that open space does not exist.


I haven’t really been able to identify why this happens. Obviously this is down to playing people who are either very good or very bad compared to my own skill level, but I’m not sure what combination of player movement, instructions, and tactics result in in the 4231 choking a match out.


Whilst still being deadly offensively with lots of attacking movement.


Long Range Finesse Shots


Just a heads up that they’re still a problem


As Valerio points out from his weekend qualifiers, the long range finesse shot has completely replaced FIFA 18’s low driven shot as the dominant way to score.


Although a recent patch reduced LRFS effectiveness, they’re still too easy to score. We strongly believe that the community would welcome a further nerf.


Anyway comrades, thanks for tuning in! Don’t forget to subscribe to the best gaming podcast (das us lol) on Apple Podcasts/Google/Spotify so you don’t miss the latest episode.

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