FUT 19: Bundesliga POTM Predictions. November

<p> <span initial;">Let’s discuss Bundesliga POTM for December. </span>

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Let’s discuss Bundesliga POTM for December.

This month might not be so obvious as previous 3 and it’s a good thing. I have 4 main candidates for an award.

There won’t be bias in my article this time, so let’s see what we’ve got.

Let’s start.

Timo Werner. Had an awesome month with his team. He scored 5 goals and had 1 assist in 5 games, even though they lost 2 games out of 5. People don’t like Timo because of his character and few incidents with him, also they don’t like RB Leipzig. But I think he’s one of the deserved nominations this month.

Chances of POTM: 25%

Tips for investing:
Special Timo Werner Card: I think there’s should be a requirement for Special Timo Werner card. There aren’t any German attackers from Leipzig, so restrictions are fairly simple. Also that would boost price of POTM
Bundesliga squad:
85-87 rated squads. I expect, if he wins POTM, he’ll be a really expensive card. Same as Reus
November goals

Worth investing? Few investments are safe for different players, so players like Naldo, Thiago, Hummels, other high rated players from Bundesliga always a good choices.

Estimated cost: 500-600k. Will be a really expensive SBC, because his card will be immense.

Marco Reus
Hello, Marco, we meet again and again. 3rd nominee, 3rd winner?

Reus haven’t had THAT impressive month, like last time, but he scored 3 goals and gave 1 assist. It might be enough to earn him nomination and win it, as he always does.

Chances of POTM: 25%

Tips for investing:

Marco Reus special card: Well… Last time this didn’t go too well. Uproar of the community was really huge and I think, if Reus wins next month’s POTM, they’ll do an SBC requiring his special card.
Bundesliga or\and Germany squad: 85-87 rated squads. I expect, if he wins POTM, he’ll be a really expensive card. With a lot of Informs. So keep an eye on few Bundesliga higher rated IFs.

Worth investing? I wouldn’t risk this month like the last one with 86\87 Reus IF, but if you’re gambler – it might be the move.

Estimated Cost: 800k. Last time I predicted card to be 500k. Oh, how I was wrong. Let’s say this one would worth around same price as his 90 rated POTM

Frank Ribery is the 3rd candidate for me this month. Frank had an amazing month. 4 goals in 4 games played. MOTM Performance in really impressive win over Frankfurt. His card is actually not that good, so I can’t see him winning it, but it’d be nice SBC for around 150k and would be a fun card to use.

Chances of POTM: 25%

Tips for investing:
France squad. I think 84 rated France squad will be a quite obvious requirement if he wins
Another Bundesliga team. 83-85 rated teams with few IFs.
Potentially: Marseille players.

Worth investing? Few cross-investments with other POTMs and you’ll be safe.

Estimated cost: 150k or less. Really not that expensive card. Because pace and stamina are so low for him.

Robert Lewandowski is the 4th candidate for me this month. And the last one. Robert had a quite impressive month with 3 goals and 1 assist, overall high average rating for Bayern. I’d like to see him win the award, but it’ll be hard, because (I THINK) there’ll be Serge Gnabry in nomination from Bayern too, so it’d split votes between them.

Chances of POTM: 20%

Tips for investing:
Special Lewandowski card: Really risky move, because, as we saw with Reus, it might not happen.
Another Bundesliga team. 86-87 rated squads with a lot of IFs.
Potentially: High rated squad with 2-3 Polish players (Glik, for example)

Worth investing? Again, cross-investing for other POTM Nominees with IFs and High rated cards – is the choice here.

Estimated cost: 500k-600k or less. Probably one of the better non icon Strikers in the game.

I see few more nominees: Serge Gnabry, Daniel Ginczek and few defenders, but they won’t have a chance to win (In My opinion).

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