FUT 19: Bundesliga POTM Predictions. February

Let’s discuss Bundesliga POTM for February.

Post time 26/02/2019 10:16am 26/02/2019 10:16am by Tillian | TOTW

Let’s discuss Bundesliga POTM for February.

Oh, it’s nearly March. How time flies. February in Bundesliga was interesting. Marco Reus was injured, so he won’t get Fourth POTM, we are safe.

I have few candidates in my mind, but the winner is pretty obvious to me.

There won’t be bias in my article this time, so let’s see what we’ve got.

Let’s start.

Julian Brandt. Transformed under Peter Bosz. New manager moved him from the wing to Central role and he shined in that role in February. He scored 2 goals and got 4 assists over 4 games, including really good performance vs Bayern in 3-1 win. He’s my favorite and his card won’t be so bad. And probably would be cheap

Chances of POTM: 60%

Tips for investing:
German squad: 84-86 rated squad with few Germans in it and maybe 1 German IF.
Bundesliga squad: 84-86 rated squads. Same as previous, but with Bundesliga players and IFs
February goals

Worth investing? There’re always safe investments with 84-87 rated players from Bundesliga. If they are German – even better. If they are German IFs – even better than previous sentence.

Estimated cost: 150-250k. In my opinion it’d be quite cheap and good card for a change. Yes, 87 rated, but not so desirable as Goretzka.

Kingsley Coman
Kingsley will probably nominated. Overall I think he deserves at least nomination. He was good in the games he played and overall had a decent month until Injury in the last game. He had 2+1 vs Augsburg and I think that will be enough to earn him nomination.

Chances of POTM: 10%

Tips for investing:
I’d say overall for investing it’s the same for every player. Sometimes nation changes, like here’s an example with France instead of Germany, but cost would be nearly the same.

Worth investing? If I were investing in POTM – I’d invest in someone like Sule\Javi Martinez\Other decently rated players from Bundesliga.

Estimated Cost: 250k. Same as Brandt.

Jerome Roussillon is the 3rd candidate for me this month. Wolfsburg really good this year and Jerome is one of the reasons why. He got 1 goal and 2 assists over the month and was “robbed” from few IFs over the course of a year. Would love to see him getting POTM

Chances of POTM: 10%

Tips for investing:
France squad. I think 85 rated France squad will be a quite obvious requirement if he wins
Another Bundesliga team. 83-85 rated teams with few IFs.
Potentially: Montpellier Players.

Worth investing? Few cross-investments with other POTMs and you’ll be safe.

Estimated cost: 250k. Same as previous. Yeah, it’s nearly the same for everyone.

Martin Hinteregger is the 4th candidate for me this month. Martin got transferred from Augsburg to Eintracht and helped in defense of Frankfurt a lot. He was named MOTM and Frankfurt didn’t lose a game in 2019 yet, mainly due to Hinteregger’s perfromances.

Chances of POTM: 10%

Tips for investing:
Would be really cheap POTM, so I’d invest as the same as previous candidates. Instead of France\Germany - Austria

Worth investing? Again, cross-investing for other POTM Nominees with IFs and High rated cards – is the choice here.

Estimated cost: 150-200k.

I see few more nominees: Willy Obran, who scored 3 goals as CB and probably Nils Petersen as he had really good month for Freiburg.

Overall cheap month for a change, after 2 really expensive Reus POTMs and 1 Expensive Goretzka.

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