FIFA 20: Top 50 Rating Predictions

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Top-50 predictions

Post time 31/07/2019 09:33am 31/07/2019 09:33am by Tillian | TOTW

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Top-50 predictions.

Hello, lads. This is my take on top-50 in Ultimate Team for FUT 20. It’s only predictions and official ratings will be out later, so take this not really seriously.

I’ll try to go with some FUT 18>FUT 19 upgrades pattern and we’ll see what we can do.

I’ll also take in consideration things like: team licensing. Juventus won’t be in FIFA 20 and that might change their ratings in FUT 20. Well, I think it will. Because after Barcelona partnered with PES – Messi wasn’t the highest rated player in the game anymore. Especially after Ronaldo became cover star of FIFA in 18 and 19(tho he got removed later).

So, let’s start?

As a disclaimer: I’m not biased and if, for example I say that Kimmich is 50th and rated 87, that means he can be any number from 50 to 44. That doesn’t mean that he’s worse 87 rated than others in the list. That applies to anyone in the list

Before we start I might say, that there are too many players that should be rated 87 or really close to that and they deserve to be mentioned too. I have around 10-15 more players that should be getting 87 rating but I just decided not to name them in my top, because there’s not space for everyone:

Mathijs De Ligt, Bruno Fernandes, Jan Vertonghen, Jan Sommer, Leroy Sane, Roberto Firmino, Fabinho, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Milan Skriniar, Jordi Alba, Nicolas Sule and more.

50. Joshua Kimmich. Kimmich had an amazing season in Bayern. He was the best assistant in Bundesliga and overall he’s rated on the best RBs in the world. So his upgrade for me deserved. From 85 (86 Winter Upgrade) to 87.

49. Toby Alderweireld. Toby goes from 85 to 87, similar to his Winter Upgrade. Great season from the Belgium. Problem that he’s probably leaving Spurs in the summer and depends where he’ll end up. If he stays in the Premier League – he should be 87, or maybe 88. If he goes to other league – I can see him being 86.

48. Dani Parejo. Parejo had another great year in Valencia and winning Copa Del Rey was a bonus. He’s a captain and he was monumental player for a club last year. Yes, he’s not the best in FUT, as he mostly used in SBCs, he still deserves a bit of an upgrade. 86 to 87 sounds alright to me.

47. Heung-Min Son. He had another great season. Replaced Kane when he was injured and he was consistently great for Spurs. He got Winter Upgrade to 85, but I think he deserves higher rating as he seems like one of the most underrated players in the game. 87 Sounds well deserved in my opinion.

46. Paulo Dybala. That’s the first downgrade in my list. Dybala was rated high last year, really high. 89 was a bit too much for him and he had a bit of a rough year, struggling to fit into a team with Ronaldo. I didn’t want to downgrade him too much, but 87 sounds like a fair rating.

45. Marquinhos. Another upgrade in my list. Had a great season in PSG, even tho in UCL they performed lower than expected. He got upgraded in FUT 19 and overall he deserves higher rating. CBs are usually pretty high rated, so I won’t be surprised him getting 87 rating.

44. Mats Hummels. He had strong second half of the season, actually he was the best defender of the second part of the season, but overall he wasn’t as good as he was in the previous season, also Low excluded him from national team and he transferred to BVB. Can’t see him being more than 88, so I think 87 will be pretty close.

43. Sadio Mane. What a year he had. Shared golden boot in Premier League, scored 22 goals and he was good and praised a lot. Upgrade to 88 rated seems realistic. Maybe 87, but 88 sounds great and deserved.

42. Aymeric Laporte. Insane second season for French player. Named one of the best defenders in Premier league and his upgrade to 88 sounds reasonable. Maybe a bit too high, but 87-88 should be close to what we’ll get.

41. Gerard Pique. Strong season for Gerard, he wasn’t at his best year before, but 18\19 season was a good one for him. +1 Upgrade sounds well and truly deserved. He’s not used by many in FUT, so another SBC fodder for you from La Liga.

40. Thibaut Courtois. Had a rough first season in Real Madrid, that’s explainable as whole RM team was struggling. Overall, they’ll get a lot of downgrades IMO. Courtois getting downgraded to 88 sounds reasonable, as he’s still good and I’m sure he’ll prove himself again in the next season.

39. Thiago. Great season for Bayern midfielder. Instrumental player and praised by many. Really nice to see him doing well, even after Guardiola left and he’s playing under Kovac. 87 to 88 seems like not the biggest upgrade, but still nice.

38. Paul Pogba. This one gonna be hard. He was good in the middle of the season and based on that he deserves upgrade, but he wasn’t that good in other parts of the season and deserves downgrade. Even tho he got into PFA TOTS, he shouldn’t be upgraded or downgraded. I’d keep him at 88 rating.

37. Hugo Lloris. Well, another player that’s not easy to rate. A bit like Pogba. He had his up and downs so I’d keep him at 88 rating like last year. Getting to UCL final is a bonus, so he might get 89. But I doubt that.

36. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Another great season for PEA at Arsenal. I feel like his 87 rating was too low. 88 for the best goal-scorer in a Prem sounds deserved.

35. Samir Handanovic. One of the reasons Inter got CL spot. He probably won’t get upgraded. 88 rating is great for goalkeeper. GKs are hard to rate, just because… they are goalkeepers? I mean, it’s hard to compare them to outfield players and they should be in separate category, I think. That’s just my IMO. 88 rating is good for Handanovic.

34. Edinson Cavani. Downgrade by 1 rating. Sounds a bit rough, but he’s getting older and injuries are harder to take right now. Don’t get me wrong, he’s amazing striker and he’s still scoring a lot of goals. 88 rating for him in my opinion.

33. Marco Reus. 88 rating for him. He got upgraded to 88 in Winter and I feel like it’d be fair to keep him at this rating, even tho he wasn’t as good in the second half of the season as he was in the first. He still was great for BVB and his rating of 85 was a bit too low to start with.

32. Toni Kroos. Another RM player getting downgraded a bit. Only 2 ratings, don’t blame me! Kroos hasn’t had the best season, many games of the season he underperformed and was criticized a lot. Still he’s one of the best midfielders in the world and his 88 rating isn’t the worst.

31.David Silva. This one is a bit controversial. He had good season, he wasn’t as good as he was in 17\18 and I feel like he’ll get downgraded at least by 1 because of his age too. He might keep his 89 rating and I won’t be surprised too in that case.

30. Ederson. Great season for Brazil keeper and he had 20 clean sheets in PL and that should boost his rating high. 86 to 88 in my opinion is understandable and deserved. If you disagree – we’ll discuss it:D

29. Diego Godin. He’s another downgrade for me. He left Atletico to play for Inter, he got a little bit older and he wasn’t as amazing as before. I felt like -2 downgrade isn’t that bad and would be alright. 88 rated for Diego Godin in my predictions.

28. N’golo Kante. Minus 1 downgrade, just because of how he played last season. I’m not questioning his abilities at CDM, but he didn’t play his position last season, so that’s why he should be downgraded by 1 rating. Not much, but imo that would be explainable and deserved.

27. Thiago Silva. Another great season for Brazil player. At first I had him upgraded to 89, but then I decided not to upgrade him, as Marquinhos was a little bit better and I rated him at 87. So, Thiago Silva would stay at 88 in my predictions.

26. Kalidou Koulibaly. 89 rated in my predictions. One of the best defenders in the world. He should be upgraded. Maybe even higher. Instrumental part of Napoli’s defense and team that got 2nd place in Serie A.

25. Mohammed Salah. 89 rated, maybe some people will say a bit too overrated, but he still scored 22 goals and overall I feel like he was good, 89 rating would be deserved for him, but that’s just my opinion. I again will say that many people will disagree on that, but it’s okay.

24. Raheem Sterling. What a season for Raheem. Another one from City who should be upgraded a lot. Probably 2nd best player in PL after VVD, Youth POTY and overall he had an amazing season. From 85 (87 WU) to 89 in my opinion. He shouldn’t be lower than that, and I really hope that he’ll get 89.

23. Christian Eriksen. Another great season for Danish midfielder. Probably the last one in Spurs shirt, so it’ll also be taken into consideration about his future rating. I feel like he deserves more than 88, 89 would be close to perfect and reflect his great abilities.

22. Sergio Aguero. Amazing season for Argentinian striker. He always gets downgraded in FIFA, I have no idea why, but he deserves to be rated among the best players in the game. 88 or 89 – would be deserved.

21. Sergio Busquets. Mister Consistent for Barcelona. Always plays well, always gets TOTS, always praised a lot. 89 in FUT 19, 89 in FUT 20 in my predictions.

20. Manuel Neuer. Goalkeeper came after an injury. Hard injury. Was injured again in the middle of the season. Overall still good and still performing some amazing saves and was vital for Bayern in the final of German Cup. Still 1 rating downgrade would be fair in my opinion. 89 rated.

19. Bernardo Silva. Nearly perfect season for Portuguese midfielder. Named one of the favorites for Ballon D’or and probably deserves the biggest upgrade in the game. 84 goes to 89. Maybe a bit too high, but I think many people will agree with me.

18. Harry Kane. Still great season for Kane, despite his injuries. Overall scored a lot of goals, but again, injuries should decrease his rating by 1 or keep him at 90. In my opinion 89 is good rating for him. Still one of the best strikers in the world.

17. David De Gea. A bit too harsh, from me, I think. 89 rated or 90. A bit of downgrade for him after bad 2nd half of the season, but I think it’s still high rating for GK. Many will disagree and that’s understandable. I’m willing to discuss this one for sure.

16. Luiz Suarez. Another one controversial downgrade, but IMO Suarez declined hard over a year and at least 1, or even 2 ratings downgrade would be fair for him. 89 or 90 rated in my predictions, I think even Barcelona fans will agree.

15. Alisson. Named as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, he had amazing season in Liverpool, got the most amount of clean sheets in the league, best goalkeeper of UCL, best GK of Copa America (conceded only 1 goal). Overall should be either 89 or 90 rated.

14. Kylian Mbappe. Amazing season for youngster, highly rated by many people. Already got into TOTY and deserves at least 89 rating. I rated him 90 rated, just because he was exceptionally good for PSG in Ligue 1. CL performance might affect his rating, but still should be at least 89 rated.

13. Antoine Griezmann. Great season for French player, got his dream move to Barca which he wished for. Played well for Atletico and will get probably +1 upgrade and will be rated 90. Can see him staying 89, but that’d be kinda unfair to him imo. Maybe will be 89 just because he loves PES so much.

12. Marc Andre Ter-Stegen. What a great goalkeeper he is. Had an amazing season for Barcelona and probably top-3 goalkeepers in the world. Should be named as Germany #1, but not before Neuer retires. Upgrade by 1 should be just on point.

11. Robert Lewandowski. Another great season for Poland striker. Had statistically the best season in Bayern shirt and should not be downgraded or upgraded. 90 rating suits him just well.

10. Giorgio Chiellini. Leader of Juventus defense. Always rated among the best players in the game and should be either 89 or 90 rated. I think 90 suits him well and it’ll be interesting to see how De Ligt will play alongside him.

9. Luka Modric. He was named the best player of the last year, but after that he wasn’t at his best in my opinion. Well, as I said earlier – Real Madrid played badly whole year and Modric was great in November-January, but after that a bit meh. Still only 1 rating downgrade, 90 suits him well.

8. Kevin De Bruyne. KDB had a rough season. Just because of his injuries. He’s still class player that’s why I downgraded him just by 1. 90 rating feels deserved and reflects his abilities perfectly.

7. Sergio Ramos. Another Real Madrid player who should get downgrade. Not a big one, just by 1. Still rated one of the best CBs in the world, 90 rating would be good for him.

6. Virgil Van Dijk. Best CB in the world, right? One of the favorites for Ballon D’or and he played amazingly for the whole year. Dominant in every aspect and he should be getting another upgrade. 85 to 88 to 90. Maybe he’ll get 91, but I highly doubt that.

5. Jan Oblak. Another amazing season for Slovenian Goalkeeper. Another upgrade for him? Maybe. 91 rating for him would reflect his abilities well. Maybe he won’t get upgraded. 90 or 91 to me.

4. Neymar. Here we go. You might say: if you downgrade other players by 1 because of their injuries – Neymar should be downgraded too. And he might be. It’s either 91 or 92 rating for him. I feel like he won’t be downgraded, because he was really good when he played. But wouldn’t be surprised in -1 downgrade.

3. Eden Hazard. In my opinion he should be rated 92. He was exceptional for Chelsea and carried them throughout the season in PL and EL. Got his dream move to Real Madrid and this should bump his rating by 1. 92 would be deserved.

2-1. This is the part that I hate. Messi or Ronaldo. I have them both at 93. Why? Well, let me try to explain:

Messi and Ronaldo always get an abnormal amount of IFs which lead to 3x99 rated cards for Messi and 2x99 rated cards for Ronaldo. Downgrading them both by 1 would make more space for their special cards.

Also: Ronaldo should be downgraded just on the fact that Juve lost their licensing and Ronaldo isn’t the face of FIFA anymore. But again, I downgraded both mostly because of the first reason.

You may disagree but in my opinion that would be better for FUT overall.

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