FIFA 20 POTM Predictions: September Bundesliga POTM

Second POTM of Bundesliga in FIFA 20. Let's predict some stuff and let's see how it's goes

Post time 02/10/2019 08:35pm 02/10/2019 08:35pm by Tillian | TOTW

Second POTM of Bundesliga in FIFA 20. Let's predict some stuff and let's see how it's goes.

First POTM was deserved. It got Lewa who had an epic start of 19\20 season. He continues his amazing form with another nomination (at least from me).

Biggest candidate in my eyes is Amine Harit though. He had an insane month for Schalke, surprised everyone and was just really awesome.

There're few more choices. Marcus Thuram settling well in Gladbah and scoring and assisting goals.

Coutinho came to Bundesliga to conquer it. And he's doing it with 2 insanely great games in a row. Seems like Bayern got this loan on point.

And 2 more candidates who has lower chance to win in my eyes, but they still should be recognized

Let’s start.

Amine Harit has the highest chance of POTM award in my opinion. Moroccan player had an amazing month. 3 goals and 2 assists in 3 games, Schalke on the 2nd place, win over Leipzig.

Chances of POTM: 30%

Tips for investing:
It's hard to invest, because his SBC would be really cheap, but let's try:

Moroccan players: Pekarik, etc.
IF from Bundesliga : Few cheap options, aim for discards
Bundesliga squad: 83-85 rated squad.
Worth investing? Yes, some of the cards will rise no matter what, even for the next candidate.

Marcus Thuram

3 goals and 1 assists in 3 games. Another huge candidate. My candidate, just because his FUT card is actually really good and I'd want to see his POTM.

Chances of POTM: 10%

Tips for investing:

M'gladbah squad
IF players from Bundesliga: Again, discards are the best option.
Bundesliga Squad: 83 rated squad
French Squad:
83 rated squad
Worth investing?
I would invest a few in Bundesliga IFs and overall Bundesliga players

Robert Lewandowski
4 goals in 3 games. As I've said - very good month from Lewandowski once again. Multiple goals, record breaker, and much more.

Chances of POTM: 23%

Tips for investing:I doubt that previous POTM would be required, but there might be a requirement of NIF card. Very high risk, but his card would be even better.
IF players from Bundesliga:
As always
Bundesliga squad:
85(maybe even 86) rated min
Bayern squad:
83 rated squad

Worth investing?
Bundesliga IFs and higher rated BL players.

Harit should win, I hope he wins, but his FUT card is average, but at least SBC would be really cheap. Also Lewa would be awesome too. Bundesliga is too hyped this year, so expect some good POTMs over the year. It's nice, that people building not only PL squads, but looking at other leagues. Any POTM would be cool. Every card is nice on the list, so I think everyone will be happy.

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