FIFA 20 Marquee Matchups Predictions: November 7th

Hey guys, it’s Tillian and we’re back with Marquee Matchups

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Hey guys, it’s Tillian and we’re back with Marquee Matchups.

Last week we got 3\4. I missed on Ligue 2 game, which is fine, I haven’t even thought about it.

I’ll try this week to get better result. It’s gonna be one hard week, because there are derbies and important games all over the world.

Let’s try to predict as many as possible.

Overall I suggest you buying few players from each club featured in this article. This would safe.

What is more safer: You can get Rare\Non-rare from each club and also Bronze\Silver\Gold. Try to find some fodders and this way you’ll be ready each week.

Very likely matches:

Liverpool vs Manchester City\Wolves vs Aston Villa

One of the more exciting games in the world. First vs second. Very important game for both teams and I feel like this game must be included. If not – it’s fine, but I feel like that would be strange

Other choice is West Midlands derby between Wolves and Aston Villa. Looks like an exciting game too.

Most likely requirements:
-Just any players from those teams
-Overall rating of 78
-At least 2 rares, plus few leagues
-90 chemistry

What to invest to: Just buy few players from each of those clubs

Bayern vs Borussia Dortmund
Der Klassiker. Another Marquee game in different league. Both teams are currently sitting at 2nd and 3rd places, but both are struggling with their game.

With Bundesliga League SBCs it’s hard to invest in separate players from teams, especially from Bayern, but I suggest you to buy at least 1 from Bayern

Most likely requirements:
-1 Player per team
-Overall rating of 78
-at least 3 leagues
-at least 2 rare players
-90 chemistry

What to invest to: Just buy some cheap German players from those teams, try to exclude inflated cards due to league SBC.

Kaizer Chiefs vs Orlando Pirates

South African Marquee game. Sounds exciting to me. Really doubt that it will be included, but seems to me if they want to throw in curve-balls – this would be one

Most likely requirements:
-2 players from South African PL
-Overall rating of 67
-at least 3 leagues
-60 chemistry

What to invest to: Any players from those teams. They will rise no matter what I think

Panathinaikos vs AEK
Another chance for Greece League Game. I won’t stop until at least one included from that league

Most likely requirements:
-2 players from both teams
-Overall rating of 72
-90 chemistry

What to invest to: Any players from those teams

Nottingham Forest vs Derby County\ Millwall vs Charlton Atletic
We haven’t seen Championship game in MMs since Cardiff vs Swansea, but Nottingham vs Derby kinda stands out, as it’s East Midlands Derby and both clubs sitting close to each other

Other choice: Millwall vs Charlton, as it’s South London derby.

Most likely requirements:
-1 players per team
-Overall rating of 68
-At least 2 rares
-At least 3 leagues
-Max 4 players per league
-70 chemistry

What to invest to: Any players players from those teams, possibly any players from Championship

OM vs OL \ FC Nantes vs Saint-Ettiene
A lot of possible games from Ligue 1, but OM vs OL stands out to me. Both clubs playing really bad this season, so it should be interesting game to watch, because it’ll be battle for 6 points.

Other game is: Nantes vs ASSE. It’s Rivalry, so it can be featured instead of OM vs OL, but again a bit unlikely.

Most likely requirements:
-1 player from both teams
-Overall rating of 76
-at least 3 leagues
-at least 3 nations
-75 chemistry

What to invest to: Just buy 1 player from each player.

And the last few matches, that I don’t think that will be included, but they are worth mentioning, so I’ll group them:

Twente vs Zwolle \ Shaktar Donetsk vs Dynamo Kiev (very high chance to be included) \ Real Betis vs Sevilla (but doubt that 2 weeks of Sevilla in MMs will happen)\Vit. Gimaraes vs Braga (or Boavista vs Porto)

They are all rivalries and all can be included, but I don’t think so. Just buy 1 player per those teams to be safe.

It’s always interesting to see selection on Thursdays, because a lot of time it surprises not only me, but also casual players. But with this guide you should be safe, if you’re interested in pre-buying players for MMs.

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