FC 24 Bundesliga TOTS

The second league-specific Team of the Season is here in FC 24, and this week the Bundesliga TOTS are available to pack. Having replaced the Premier League TOTS, there are 15 Bundesliga TOTS in packs, as well as more TOTS moments cards and the Frauen-Bundesliga TOTS. There are also new objectives, Evolutions and SBCs to explore now in FC 24!

Bundesliga TOTS

There are 15 Bundesliga TOTS available to pack with all of the cards being rated from 90 to 97. This was the first fan-voted TOTS, and all the Bundesliga TOTS, except Kobel, have three PlayStyles+. The three below are the best Bundesliga TOTS to acquire right now:

Harry Kane (97): After scoring 35 goals in his debut season for Bayern Munich, Kane earns himself a very nice 97-rated Team of the Season. His TOTS is one of the best strikers in the game with perfect 99 shooting. Kane has 4* skills and a 5* weak foot and three PlayStyles+ which are Finesse Shot+, Technical+ and Incisive Pass+.

Jeremie Frimpong (97): Frimpong has had a +3 boost from his TOTY card, making his TOTS card one of the best full-backs in the game. The Dutchman has an incredible 5* skills and 4* weak foot to go along with some incredible stats. Frimpong has 99 pace, 97 dribbling and 91 defending. His three PlayStyles+ are Whipped Pass+, Rapid+ and Jockey+.

Florian Wirtz (96): Being a key player in Bayer Leverkusen’s title-winning side, Wirtz has an amazing 96-rated TOTS card. To go along with his impeccable in-game stats, The attacking midfielder is 5* 5* which will make him expensive but very good. His three PlayStyles+ are Power Shot+, Technical+ and First Touch+.

Frauen-Bundesliga TOTS

There are slightly less Frauen-Bundesliga TOTS as there are only eight to choose from. All again, bar the goalkeeper, have three PlayStyles+ which makes every card desirable. Two of the best cards that you can get are the following:

Alexandra Popp (97): Currently extinct on the market, Popp is comfortably one of the best strikers in the game. Her TOTS card completely trumps her TOTY card as she’s had a plus-two boost to every stat except defending. She also has an excellent PlayStyles+ selection with Finesse Shot+, Power Shot+ and Aerial+. Not only this, but she is also 5* 5*, making her one of the best cards in the game!

Georgia Stanway (94): Stanway is the first TOTS card to have all face stats be above 90-rated. She has 4* skills and a 5*weak foot which are exceptional for her position of CDM or CM. Her PlayStyles+ are Technical+, Intercept+ and First Touch+.

TOTS Moments

As well as the two TOTS squads, there are an additional 11 TOTS Moments cards in packs. There are eight TOTS Moments cards from the Bundesliga and three from the Frauen-Bundesliga. Below are the two of the better TOTS Moments cards from each of the leagues:

Lena Oberdorf (96): Oberdorf already has a TOTY card, but now her TOTS Moments card is even better. She is one higher-rated and has much better PlayStyles+ which are Anticipate+, Intercept+ and Incisive Pass+. Oberdorf can also play CB and CM, making her a very diverse card. She has 5* skills and a 4* weak foot which is excellent.

Leon Goretzka (95): Goretzka is one of two cards in the game having all face stats above 90. The German can play anywhere, but his three PlayStyles+ are Incisive Pass+, Intercept+ and First Touch+. Goretzka also has a 5* weak foot and 4* skill moves, which makes him an exceptional choice for your squad.

New Evolutions

It was just the one new evolution added today as the TOTS Champions Upgrade was made available. This is a free evolution that allows you to boost one of your TOTS red picks. The evolution gives a +1 to the overall and all stats except passing and physical which is given a +2. To see all the eligible players and view other evolutions, click here: https://www.futwiz.com/en/fc24/evolutions

New SBCs

Three new player SBCs came out today with Leroy Sane and Nicole Anyomi gaining a TOTS card for their respective leagues, and TOTY Icon Lothar Matthaus also now being a craftable SBC that requires 17 segments. Sane has six segments including an 89-rated squad, whereas Anyomi has only one 85-rated squad which is excellent.

Two other SBCs also appeared as we got the return of the daily TOTS Challenge for a Rare Electrum Players Pack and also the 77+ double upgrade which has been changed so only cards from the Bundesliga and Frauen-Bundesliga are packable out of them.

New Objectives

We were given four different objective sets this week with one of these being a player. TOTS Jan-Niklas Beste can now be obtained in a minimum of nine matches. There is also the Bundesliga Daily Play and Daily Play Completionist which gives you a lot of packs including a TOTS Guarantee Pack for completing the set. Finally, we have “Explore Ultimate Team” which gives out smaller packs and caters towards newly joined players of the game.