Fantasy FUT Fernando - Spend or Swerve

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  • Fernando has incredible defending, when using him I found that he often came out of the tackle with the ball

  • Surprisingly good strength and aggression for a smaller centre back

  • He has a great range of passing, having a centre back with 91 short passing is really useful and gives confidence when trying to play out from the back

  • Being Brazilian and from La Liga is great for links and squad building

  • 4* Weak Foot is really nice to have, especially when you move him to a centre back it allows you to play him the left side of the defence if you do not have a left footed centre back

  • Medium/High work rates is perfect for a centre back or even a stay back defensive midfielder

  • Cheaper than all other similar alternatives and he is better than them all, and that is without his potential upgrades

  • Has the alternative position of CB which makes squad building much easier, especially as I personally think this is his best position


  • Fernando only has 77 acceleration which is a little on the low side, however when using him as a centre back I really didn’t notice the issue

  • 74 Agility and 70 Balance is actually quite low, especially for someone short with a lean body type, this is one of the reasons which I feel he is much more suited to a centre back position than a defensive midfielder

  • If you choose to play him as a centre back, he is only 6’0” which is a little on the short side for a centre back and accompany that with his 80 Jumping and 80 Heading it can lead to him getting beat aerially


Team Used

In Game Formation

Position Played: CB

Chemistry Style Used: Shadow

Recommended Position: CB

Recommended Chemistry Style: Shadow


Here is how Fernando could possibly look if he was to receive all his FUT Fantasy upgrades.

I personally expect him to receive 2 upgrades minimum, these will be for:

  • 1 Win in Next 6 Games

  • 3 Appearances in Next 6 Games (Fernando features in most games for Sevilla)

This will take him to a 90 rated card.

The other two upgrades could prove very tricky:

  • Avoids Defeat in Next 6 games: This is possible as Sevilla don’t have the hardest of fixtures but they’re not playing particularly well

  • 2 Goals or Assists: This is very unlikely as Fernando plays CDM and often CB for Sevilla, and he doesn’t have a single goal or assist in La Liga

So for me, I expect Fernando to get to a 90 rated, there is a very very small chance at a 91, and I am fairly confident he will not be able to get to a 92.


It is important to note this comparison is based off the current 88 rated Fernando version, not his potentially upgraded cards.

I played Fernando as a CB and believe this is his best position which is why I am comparing him to other centre backs.

WC Team of the Tournament Silva – 64K

  • Silva has slightly better defending, and that really is ever so slightly. Fernando is pretty much superior in all other areas

  • Who would I choose, and why?

    • I would choose Fernando as he is quicker, better on the ball and has better physicals

Future Stars Guehi – 51K

  • Guehi is a little quicker but not by much, and that is about it. Fernando and Guehi have similar defensive attributes but other than that Fernando is superior in most areas

  • Who would I choose, and why?

    • I would choose Fernando as he is better on the ball and has better physical attributes

Future Stars Badiashile – 95K

  • Badiashile has better Strength than Fernando, but other than that Fernando is much better in all areas. You could say Badiashile is the ‘cheap Fernando’ but he is actually far more expensive. I can only assume this for his links.

  • Who would I choose, and why?

    • I would choose Fernando as he is a much better card in most areas

Future Stars Kalulu – 80K

  • Kalulu is quicker than Fernando, but other than that Fernando is simply better in all areas. Kalulu is also 25K more than Fernando which again I can only attribute to links

  • Who would I choose, and why?

    • I would choose Fernando as he is a much better card in most areas



Fernando seems to be a card that not many people are talking about and I am not sure why, I can only assume people are concerned about his acceleration or even his 70 balance which I could understand if you wanted to play him as a CDM but I played him as a CB he was absolutely superb.

He was extremely dominant in the tackle and his distribution were definitely his strong points, as he would often win the ball and be able to carry the ball up field and distribute to the attacking players with ease.

The few negatives on the card would be he does have slightly low acceleration and his agility and balance are a little low, however this wasn’t particularly noticeable as I used him as a centre back.

Regarding his price, I am honestly surprised he is so cheap as he is from a great nation and league, can play CDM or CB and performs much better than the alternative options around him.

I anticipate this card will be a 90 rated, and at that point he will be the price of 90 rated fodder so for me I would say it’s not a bad idea to even just give him a try and see if you like him.

This will come as no surprise but it is going to be a SPEND, he is such a great price for a superb card I just don’t see why you wouldn’t give him a try.



A little bit of bonus content for you all here are some funny and interesting facts about Fernando Reges…

  • Fernando Reges is known for his tough tackling and defensive skills on the field. In fact, he has been nicknamed "The Octopus" by fans and teammates for his ability to intercept and tackle opponents with his long legs.

  • Despite his defensive prowess, Fernando Reges has scored some stunning goals throughout his career. One of his most memorable goals was a long-range screamer for FC Porto against Benfica in 2012.

  • Fernando Reges is also known for his love of music. He is a big fan of Brazilian music and can often be found playing guitar in his spare time.

  • In an interview, Fernando Reges revealed that his favourite food is feijoada, a traditional Brazilian stew made with black beans and meat.

  • Despite his success on the field, Fernando Reges remains humble and grounded. He has stated in interviews that he always puts his family first and tries to lead a simple and happy life off the field.

  • Fernando Reges is known for his colourful and creative tattoos. He has several tattoos on his arms and legs, including a portrait of his son and a tribute to his hometown of Brasília.