Fantasy FC Timo Werner Player Review

Post time 27/02/2024 06:00pm 27/02/2024 06:00pm by kimpembro | Ultimate Team

Positives & Negatives


  • Incredible Pace - Werner has lightning quick pace, he has the ability to burst away from defenders and often wins a 1v1 race.

  • Good Finishing - He has great finishing with either foot, the 5* weak foot also really helps as he can score with either foot equally as well.

  • Quick Step Over Speed Boost - He has such a quick step over speed boost, the way he is able to burst out of the step over to get away from defenders really separates him from a lot of other strikers.

  • Power Shot PlayStyle+ - As he has the Power Shot PlayStyle+ it gives added variety to his shooting, as you are able to perform power shots a lot quicker..

  • Technical & Rapid PlayStyles - He also has the Technical PlayStyle which improves his controlled sprint dribbling and the Rapid PlayStyle which improves his speed on the ball..

  • Unique Body Type - Werner has a Unique body type, and from my experience players with a unique body type tend to feel better in game as their animations feel more natural.

  • Live Card - This is also a live card meaning he has the possibility to get 4 additional upgrades taking him to a 93, however this is quite unlikely and he will more likely get to a 91 or 92.


  • Quite Expensive - 500K for this card seems quite expensive and it is, however fodder is quite easily obtainable right now so it is unlikely you would need to spend that much coins to complete the SBC.

  • Lacks Physicality - He isn’t weak on the ball, however with slightly low aggression and strength he will lose shoulder to shoulder battles against the better defenders.

  • Chip Shot PlayStyle+ Isn’t Ideal - This PlayStyle isn’t ideal and feels a little bit of a waste of a second PlayStyle+, it isn’t necessarily a negative but it would have been nice to have a better PlayStyle+.

Team and In Game Position

Team Used

In Game Formation – 4-1-2-1-2 (2)

Position Played: Striker

Chemistry Style Used: Finisher

Recommended Position: Striker

Recommended Chemistry Style: Finisher

Player Comparisons

4* SM / 5* WF Strikers

Centurions Eusebio – 3.7m

Eusebio is better than Werner, he is more complete and a better finisher, however if Werner is able to get a few upgrades he would definitely be very close in attributes and ability.

Winter Wildcard Icon Raul – 1.0m

Raul is a great finisher, however Werner has better pace, I would say it was quite close between the two but from my experience of using both Werner edges this one.

Future Stars Moukoko – 420k

Moukoko is a good card, however Werner is better in pretty much every attacking aspect.

Fire Sterling – 585k

Werner is better than Sterling is pretty much every area, he would be my choice here.


Werner is a goal machine, it really is that simple. He is quick, can score with both feet and he is surprisingly good on the ball.

When using him he was very reliable in front of goal and his pace allowed him to get in behind defenders with ease.

500k looks quite expensive at first glance, however when you factor in the possibility of 2/3 extra upgrades the price looks very fair. Also, fodder is quite easily obtainable right now so it is unlikely you would need to spend that much coins to complete the SBC.

This one is definitely a Spend, and if Werner is able to get a few extra upgrades he really is going to be an elite tier card.

Spend or Swerve?