Everything you need to know about FC24 Ultimate Birthday

Post time 15/03/2024 08:36pm 15/03/2024 08:36pm by henrytomkins17 | TOTW

It’s that time of year again as Ultimate Birthday has come around in EA Sports FC 24 with Team 1 and Team 1 of Ultimate Birthday Icons being released into packs. There’s also lots of other brand-new content including new evolutions and objectives in Ultimate Team. All the new Ultimate Birthday and Ultimate Birthday Icon cards have either a 5* weak foot or 5*skills with some having both!

Ultimate Birthday Team 1:

25 brand new players are part of Team 1 with some players having two versions of cards. For example, Karim Benzema has two 93 rated cards with one having 5* skills and the other having a 5* weak foot. All the Ultimate Birthday cards have two PlayStyles+ which gives us loads of options for squad building. Some of the best cards include a 94 rated 5* 5* Lionel Messi, Kevin De Bruyne who is 93 rated with 5* skills and a 93 rated Alex Morgan who has 5* skills to go along with her 5* weak foot. To see the full list of players click here: https://www.futwiz.com/en/fc24/players?page=0&release[]=30

Ultimate Birthday Icons Team 1:

Ultimate Birthday Icons Team 1 is brilliant with 15 unreal Icons available to pack. Similarly to the Ultimate Birthday items, All of the Icons cards have 2 PlayStyles+, which makes every single card useable. Five of the Icons have two versions of cards with different skills moves and weak foot including Thierry Henry who two 94 rated striker cards with one having 5* and the other having a 5* weak foot.

Some of the best Icons include Ruud Gullit who has an incredible card with all of his base stats being above 90 bar defending, and with 5* skills to go along with a 5* weak foot. To see the full list of players, click here: https://www.futwiz.com/en/fc24/players?page=0&release[]=149

5* Best Of:

If there weren’t already enough cards in packs, we’ve now got some more “Best Of” players. A select few players with either a 5* weak foot or skill moves from promos so far this year have been added into the pack pool, meaning the pack grind is really on!

To see some of the best players available, click here: https://www.futwiz.com/en/fc24/squad/97523

New Evolutions:

Two new evolutions have been added so far with one being 100k and the other being free. The free evolution is called Weak Foot Peak which gives a stat boost all over, Jockey+ and a 5* weak foot. This is more suited to defenders so some of the popular choices include gold Varane and Rudiger.

The 100k evolution is called Jack of all Trades which can be completed twice. This upgrade gives a +5 overall boost with First Touch+, 5* skills and a 4* weak foot. The evolution is aimed for attackers as it focuses on the attacking stats. Two of the best cards to upgrade include TOTW Szobosszlai and Centurions Correa

To see our detailed area for evolutions including the requirements for both the new evolutions, click here: https://www.futwiz.com/en/fc24/evolutions

New SBCs:

There are loads of new SBCs including upgrades and new players. The two significant SBCs that have been released are Ultimate Birthday Kingsley Coman, which requires 6 segments, and Ultimate Birthday Icon Socrates which requires 14 segments.

Some of the other SBCs include a once repeatable player moments SBC for either Ahmedhodzic, Manuel or Morris.

The new upgrades include a 80+ triple upgrade, an 83+ TOTW player pick and a flash Ultimate Birthday Flash Challenge. EA have released a preview of what’s to come this week with more daily player SBCs including a Makelele Icon SBC and an Ultimate Birthday Grimaldo on the wAY.

New objectives:

Finally, Falcao has a Ultimate Birthday card available in objectives which will take a minimum of 12 matches to complete. As well as this, there is an Ultimate Birthday Daily Play and Daily Play Completionist which will give us loads of packs to open in this amazing promo!