EA FC 24 January Premier League POTM Predictions

Post time 06/02/2024 08:07pm 06/02/2024 08:07pm by Tillian | TOTW

Hello and welcome to Premier League Player of the month Predictions for January. Been a bit mid month due to few cups being played and not a lot of league games, compared to January. But hey, players needed a break and they got it. For us, we’ll see who will get the POTM, but it should be a close battle this time.

Last time Solanke won it and it was great to see him getting a deserved award over the likes of Son\TAA who would get a lot of special cards anyway.

One of the main nominees should be Diogo Jota from Liverpool. Strong month, while Salah was away. Jota stepped up with 3 goals and 2 assists in 3 games. He managed to get a goal in a game vs Chelsea, 2g and 1a in 4-0 win over Bournemouth, and 1 assist in 4-2 win over Newcastle. Should be close to a winner, as he got the most contributions this month. He recently got IF and few Pro cards, so I’m not sure how ratings will work with him. On paper he should be 88 rated card with some nice stats and maybe Playstyle+. I’m afraid he’ll be behind power curve and that’s why he shouldn’t be very expensive. Around 120k, I guess? Maybe more, as LFC and Prem tax will apply to him.

Arsenal played only 2 games this month and a lot of players got 2\3 G\A contributions. Martinelli got 2 goals, Jesus got 2 assists and 1 goal, Saka got 1 assist and 1 goal. I’d go with Gabriel CB who got 2 goals in 5-0 win over Crystal Palace and overall had a good month, despite conceding 1 goal to Nottingham Forest. Pretty hard to choose 1 player. We might see actually him and Jesus getting nominated. Hell, get all 3 Gabriels in POTM Nominees. Choose your own Gabriel POTM. You get a player pick between 3 Gabriels and go with one you select. But yeah, probably CB would be my own choice. He recently got IF and POTM would be kinda good card and we rarely get CB POTMs, so that would be new and exciting one. He’d be 88 rated card with some decent stats and playstyle, so why not! He’d be around 120k too. If it’s Jesus – then it’s 87 rated card with some decent stats, but worse than his Thunderstruck card, which is already cheap enough on it’s own and of course worse than his RTTK. Would be a bit pointless imo.

City played only 2 games last month too and some people performed well, but most of them we got in TOTY. Well, I’ll still include KDB, as he changed the game vs Newcastle with 1 goal and 1 assist and got 1 assist in a game vs Burnley. So he managed 3 contributions in 2 games and not that many minutes. Would be fun to get POTM KDB. Fun fact, we never got KDB POTM in all his years in Prem. Sounds a bit mad, but here we are. We’d get 92\93 rated KDB card with some nice stats and that would be worth quite a lot, while I’m looking at his centurions card. But maybe not that much, as it was very rare card. I guess around 250-300k for POTM KDB with some nice stats, but not really useful in this meta.

Luton won a game this month and Adebayo scored 3 goals in 1 game. Just for that he should be in POTM voting. He’d be some great card, especially after his latest IF. He should get some nice stats and probably would be quite cheap. He scored 3 goals in 4-0 win over Brighton (what?). His potential card would be 87-88 rated card with some nice stats and would be under 100k in my opinion. We’ll see. Hard to predict, as I haven’t seen his IF yet.

Finally, last but not least. Richarlison with 2 goals in 2 games. Honestly, I expected a bit more, when I’ve chosen him, but he was just very consistent over the last games. Spurs didn’t play much, only 2 games, 1 draw vs United 2-2, and 3-2 win over Brentford. Richarlison deserves nomination over his last performances and overall it's nice to see him getting in form and scoring goals, Spurs needed it, while Sonny was at Asian Cup of Nations. Richy POTM should be at least 86, because he has cheap Fire\Ice cards that are around 45k. I doubt this POTM should be worth more.

Overall, I think Jota will win an award, but it’s close month that can be decided by voting. We’ll see how it goes, so tell me who I missed out on and who would you vote for!