DenmanTalks Podcast Ep 5

Post time 13/10/2021 01:41pm 13/10/2021 01:41pm by JDenman9 | Ultimate Team

Hello and welcome to episode five of Denman Talks, a podcast where I speak to some of FIFA's most exciting creators and pro's.

This week I welcomed Tom Leese aka XL TOM. Tom started playing FIFA 4/5 years ago and since then has become one of the most decorated and best pros to ever play the game.

Today, we discuss Tom's journey, how he got there, the problems he encountered getting there and also the benefits which he now has from his success. Throughout the pod we speak about Tom's recent world record breaking Fee from hashtag to Excel alongside his time prior to these two teams with his time at FUTWIZ.

Tom goes on to explain that the reasons for joining Excel wasn't only money motivated but there were also a lot of factors he had to take in whilst having interest from a number of big Esports teams/Orgs whilst making his decision.

That wraps it up for this week, you can keep in touch with myself and Tom on our socials over on twitter @JDenman9 & @Tomleese and find breakdowns of each episode on YouTube under "DenmanTalks".

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