FUT 14 TOTY Pack Opening - Best Packs So Far

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OK lads our FUT TOTY Pack Openings are in full swing now and here are the best packs that we have had so far. OK lads if you want to buy Microsoft Gift Cards and PSN Gift Cards at the cheapest and most reliable place on the internet as used by me use this link : http://goo.gl/OCLzTp Hi there if you enjoy our videos and want more please like and share and leave a comment and please don't forget to visit our channel page and subscribe at: http://youtube.com/user/futhappyhour also check us out on twitter and follow @happyhourfut : http://twitter.com/happyhourfut Intro made by shadow20tdr be sure to go check out his channel for your GFX at www.youtube.com/user/shadow20tdr to get in touch with him also go follow his twitter www.twitter.com/Shadow20TDR @Shadow20TDR Banner Graphics and Logo are by JoebilineHD again go sub to his FIFA channel http://www.youtube.com/user/joebilineHD and follow his twitter www.twitter.com/joebilinehd @joebilinehd