FIFA 14 Ultimate Team-THE PACK GAME

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Please read: This was meant to go up yesterday, but all of the videos took ages to upload and to redirect them. You could have gotten it at 11pm or something, but that is not my preferred upload time. Also the purpose of this, is to have a different kind of pack opening where you decide which packs are being opened. Since a lot of effort was put into this a LIKE is much appreciated. Be sure to check out channelhelpers4you: If you want GFX done, PM me on youtube or tweet me. Twitter: Extra tags: Fifa 14 The Pack Game, Fifa 14 Pack Special Pack Opening, Original Pack Opening, Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Insane Pack Opening, The Pack Game Fifa 14, Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Pack Opening with a twist, Trix4ever1,Fifa 14 in Hd, Fifa 14 Pack opening, Web app pack opening, Fifa 14 Starter Packs, Fifa 14 Insane pack opening, Fifa 14 ultimate team pack opening, Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Season Ticket, Fifa 14 Early Release Pack Opening, Fifa 14 news, Fifa 14 legends, Fifa 14 Ultimate Team news, Fifa 14 ultimate team new formations, Fifa 14 Ultimate team newsflash, Fifa 14 Ultimate team Legends mode, Fifa 14 new formations, New features in Fifa 14, Fifa 14 ultimate team new features, Fifa 14 relase date, Fifa 14 trailer, Fifa 14 ultimate team trailer, Fifa 14 ultimate team gameplay, Fifa 14 UT News, FUT 14 New formations, New formations added to Fifa 14, New exciting things for Fifa 14, Fifa 14 new formations my opinion, Legends coming to Fifa 14 Ultimate Team, New generation consoles Fifa 14 Ultimate team, Fifa 14 PS4, Fifa 14XboxONE, Fifa 14 New stuff added,