BPL Team of the Season Shortlist - Part 1 - The Initial Shortlist

Author: fifaRAWR 21/03/2014 02:48pm

We're nearing that time of year again, the time of year where FUT goes blue (with a horrible shade of gold) crazy and don't we just love it! But seeing as we're not quite there yet, perhaps a shortlist of the players that might be transformed into these monstrous blue cards is a reasonable idea? Yes? No? I don't care, you're getting it anyway.

In all seriousness though, below is going to be MY initial shortlist for who I think could make it into the BPL Team of the Season and over the next couple of weeks, we're going to be whittling it down with your input into a final team of 18 players. This does mean discussion and thankfully we have a lovely little comment section below this article in which you can do just that, so put forward your players and ideas and we'll go from there; Twitter of course is also available. Now, this doesn't just mean you can put "Where's...?!?!", if you wish to suggest a player please do it in the following format:


Simple as that, 'tis really not tricky. Please include a few stats in the "reason" section as they always help but don't go overboard; the reasons will come in handy in the next article or two and I will add the best few to the articles themselves. Discussion as I said will go from there but FUTWIZ comment section rules do still apply. Now then, my shortlist. Let's do this!


GK: Petr Cech (Chelsea)

GK: Wojciech Szczesny (Arsenal)

GK: Artuc Boruc (Southampton)

GK: Tim Howard (Everton)


RB: Seamus Coleman (Everton)

LB: Cesar Azpilicueta (Chelsea)

LB: Kieran Gibbs (Arsenal)

LB: Luke Shaw (Southampton)


CB: Vincent Kompany (Manchester City)

CB: John Terry (Chelsea)

CB: Per Mertesacker (Arsenal)

CB: Laurent Koscielny (Arsenal)

CB: Phil Jagielka (Everton)

CB: Sylvain Distin (Everton)

CB: Dejan Lovren (Southampton)

CB: Curtis Davies (Hull City)

Central Midfielders

CDM: Fernandinho (Manchester City)

CDM: Yaya Toure (Manchester City)

CDM: Gareth Barry (Everton)

CDM: Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)

CM: Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal)

CAM: Adam Lallana (Southampton)


RW: Adam Johnson (Sunderland)

LM: David Silva (Manchester City)

LM: Eden Hazard (Chelsea)

LM: Jay Rodriguez (Southampton)


CF: Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)

ST: Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)

ST: Luis Suarez (Liverpool)

ST: Danny Sturridge (Liverpool)

ST: Olivier Giroud (Arsenal)

ST: Loic Remy (Newcastle)

... and we're done, I understand not everyone will agree with the initial shortlist but it's only my opinion. Card stats are only for visual effect, nothing to be taken overly seriously. That's about it really, if you'd rather use Twitter to get across your opinion, you can find myself here and the official FUTWIZ Twitter here.

The next article will be up in around a weeks time, by then hopefully we'll have sorted out the majority of who should/shouldn't be in the shortlist and just be finishing off the final squad. See you on Tuesday for my Team of the Week Predictions!


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